Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twins Christmas Choir Concert

Hi everyone!!! So much for posting regularly.....I will try for 2010. I am still trying to upload my Christmas pics. My Mac Iphoto is giving me troubles so until I get them loaded, I am going to backtrack. I have a few other events to share. First up is the Twins first Middle School Choir concert. They did a beautiful job and I was so proud. I was also incredibly grateful to be reminded how blessed we are to live in an area where the public schools celebrate CHRISTmas. All the songs they sang were beautiful Christmas songs and most mentioned God. Here are some pics:



With their choir teacher...Ms. Bruening!


No choir concert is complete without a trip to Chik-fil-a afterwards! We closed the place down and it was still a school night! YIKES!


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Christy said...

I can't get over how big the girls are! They are so pretty :)