Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Always a positive...

This past Monday, the twins had a big project due. They each had to do Reading Fair projects as it is required for fifth graders. You have to use those fold out cardboard project boards and put all kinds of info on them. The winners are usually ones that have obviously had a little help from parents. Some of these people are soooooo creative. Let me state....I am an artist, but in the dance field. I can dance and teach dance, but I am not creative at all. Anyway, I told the girls not to wait until the last minute, but what do you know? We were up until 10pm doing these projects. I was having a little pity party for myself thinking how unfair it is that I have to help with TWO of these and everyone else just has one. THEN...I had a thought....poor Kate (from Jon and Kate plus 8). She will have SIX to do at a time! That made me feel so much better....see there is always a positive!!! ;) PS... Meredith made a 100 on hers and I am pretty sure Madeline will as well. I could care less if they don't place in the fair! 100's were our goal!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Power of Prayer..

One of my absolute favorite blogs is someone that I have never met. I have followed Kelly's Korner for at least two yrs now. I have read about her journey through infertility and then her pregnancy that began last year. She went into the hospital yesterday to be induced and after a rough delivery, her baby girl was born. Unfortunately, the baby has some breathing problems and they had to life flight her to another hospital. Literally thousands of people are praying for this family. I just thought I would add a post because the more the better. You can click on the link on my sidebar under Kelly!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funnies...

Well ok, maybe it is just funny or "annoying" to me, but here goes. Earlier this week, while I sat in a dr's office waiting for one of my children, I couldn't help but overhear a conversation. There were two women, and they were talking rather loudly for a small office. I wasn't purposely trying to listen. Anyway, they were talking about the fact that one of them was building a house and the other one is about to build. I know that doesn't sound funny, but bear with me. They were talking about colors, floor plans, and then one of them said and I quote...." well I just told my husband that we should go ahead and get started what if we have two mortgages for awhile". THAT my friends is FUNNY to me! Two mortgages????? The housing industry is HORRIBLE, the economy is bad, people are without jobs left and right, and she doesn't care if she has two house payments!!!! What I really wanted to do was give her my friends number and tell her to call someone that actually DOES have two mortgages and has been trying to sell her other house for a year! Then again, this person probably has alot of money and it is no big deal. Does anyone else find this hysterically absurd?

Today, I ran to the mall to get a birthday present. I normally avoid the mall. We have two wonderful freestanding shopping centers now that are so much nicer. Had I known that 'Limited 2' is now 'Justice for girls', I would not have set foot in the mall today. Anyway, now I remember one of the reasons I hate the mall. Since when did it become ok for us to be accosted by vendors that are in the middle of the mall? You know the ones I am talking about...the little carts!!! I went to one store and I was tracked down by 3 different people. One lady tried to sell me some Deep Sea cream, another guy wanted to show me a curling iron thingie, and a man almost ran straight into me trying to sell me some sort of blanket that he was holding near his nose. Are they scented????? Anyway, I HATE that you can't even walk to the store you are wanting to go to without being stalked. It is awful! I decided after shopping at the store that is no longer the store I thought it was, that I was going to pull a "Christy". I totally deserved a latte'!!!! And it was Delicious! ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prescription for low spirits....

After a particularly rough week, the absolute best medicine was a Saturday night out with good friends. We went out to eat at a nice restaurant and then back to Thomas and Christie's house for more fun. We ended up playing taboo which the guys totally lost, and of course there was some Wii competition. It was a great evening and just what the doctor ordered!!! ;)

Michelle, Me, and Christie......
Wonderful friends.....God planned for us to meet 12 yrs ago in Church home group when we were all pregnant and due with our first kids. Christie was due in Sept and Michelle and I had ours 3 days apart!!!

Me and the husband.....

Stephen and Christie are very competitive with Wii games....
Well Greg can't help cleaning up my drink I accidentally spilled! Michelle took this pic cause she is jealous of my boots!!! Ha ha! ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009


I am having major blogging problems. I used to be able to post pictures easily. I simply uploaded them to Photobucket, resized, and copy and pasted here. Now when I try to do that, it publishes them way too big. I have tried making it smaller, etc. I don't remember changing anything. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? TIA! :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to Real Life...

I wasn't ready for yesterday. It came way too early! Waking up at 5:45am, trying to wake tired and grouchy children & hustling them out the door for school, driving Noah to and from pre-school, and of course my long afternoon of teaching. Oh, it was great seeing all the kids, but I think they were all a little hyper after having such a long break. I think I hit a wall after my second class and after that it was all about survival! I just can't believe how fast Christmas came and went and now here it is January of 2009. I wish life would slow down. Does anyone else feel that way? I need to get out of this post-Christmas slump that I am in! I've got to think of something...any ideas?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 2009!

I have some pictures to upload and things to write about. We had a really nice Christmas and a great time with friends on New Year's Eve. One of my goals is to be more consistent on my blog. Not because I think many people care, but because I really like looking back at my journal over the year! ;) I am praying that 2009 will be our year to shine.