Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twins 5th Grade Graduation

Yesterday was a big day in our house. The twins *graduated* from 5th grade. Apparently this is a big deal nowadays. I never graduated from 5th grade so this was new! Anyway, it was the day that never ended. We hopped from one thing to another. I got terrible pictures inside the auditorium. The lighting was really bad. We went out to lunch with a big group of their friends and they had a great time being silly! After that, we met another group at the pool to swim. The water was very cold but they could have cared less. The twins and I raced home after that, changed, and made it out to a recital. It was a LONG day, but a fun one!

I gave the girls earrings to match their new dresses and a makeup bag with....MASCARA! They can wear it for special occasions. :)


Waiting for the event to begin:


Meredith and her best friend Ally:


Twins with their friends Haley and Kaleigh....we thought it was cute how the 4 of them color coordinated


The twins with Kasey and Randi Lane:


More Friends (notice the blonde twins on the end...I was in the twins club with their mommy):


With Principal Ross ( wouldn't want to be on his bad side):


Proud Mommy and girls:


Outside PF Changs:


Jumpin for Joy...schools out!!


Pool Time:


Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Break!


This past weekend, Meredith got to go to the beach with her friend for a birthday party! Greg told me he would take the other two kids to North MS for our nephews baseball tournament. I just about did a cartwheel down the street. I texted CC and told her to cancel whatever plans she might have. We were spending all day Saturday doing whatever we felt like. I slept in and then we met for lunch at Newks. It was POURING rain, but nothing could dampen my excitement. After lunch, we went to the movies and saw 'Ghost of Girlfriends Past'. It was a mindless chick flick but who cares. We then did some shopping ( correction..she did most of the shopping, while I just told her yea or neigh on things)!!! Then we had dinner at a Mexican rest. ( this may or may not have been because we wanted margaritas)!!! Then we came back to my house and laid around upstairs talking and watching 'Walk the Line' which is one of my favorite movies! It was a GREAT weekend. Sometimes it is just so nice to have a quiet house and no schedule that you have to adhere to. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially all my mommy friends! Super Busy graduation, recital week....I am ready for you!!! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Projects and a Fiesta!

We are winding down here...the school year that is. I am actually a little sad today, but in the spirit of moving along, I will try to stay positive. For some reason unknown to me, the 5th grade teachers gave the kids another project that was due on Friday. They each had to choose a state and create a moveable exhibit with facts, info, items related to the state, etc. Of course, that means we had to do two. Meredith chose TX (bless the girl)! Fortunately, I am from that state and my sweet mom was able to send me a bunch of stuff including a very old but still great Dallas cowboys helmet! Madeline chose New York! NEW YORK??? Thankfully, she was able to have a partner and all I did was go to Hobby Lobby and buy New York themed stickons and some fake roses which are the state flower. They decorated their wagon and we downloaded 'New York New York' for the girls to play as they all paraded their "floats" for the lower elementary school.

In other news, Noah had a FIESTA to end his preschool year. The kids played games, jumped in the space jumps, and ate tacos! I have to say that when I dropped him off yesterday morning, I teared up thinking that it was my last time to be at that school. We have loved every minute there and he has had two years of fabulous teachers and great little friends.

Here are some pictures:

Meredith ( TEXAS complete with pink sequin cowgirl hat):


Madeline and Shelby ( NEW YORK):


Meet Diego:


He is a fun loving senor that enjoys playing mexican bingo:


Noah and his precious PRE-K teachers...Ms. Donna and Ms. Jill:


So Long Preschool....Hello Kindergarten:


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Noah's PreK Graduation

My baby boy graduated from preschool. Technically his last day is Friday but his awards program was last night. I can't believe I have a kindergartener on my hands. Where did the time go? Here are some pics from our evening:

Getting his *diploma* from one of his teachers...Ms. Donna


My BIG boy!!!


Singing songs:


I love this little boy so much!!!


The sisters were so proud of him too!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I sure did. First, I am blessed with the most wonderful mother. Truly, she is a gift from God. My biggest regret in my life right now is the fact that we don't live closer. Life is too short not to be close to the ones you love. Soooo, I had to settle for a phone call. My mom is such a good sport. She will listen to me moan and ramble on about my life for hours. I know she has to get tired of that, but she is so sweet. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! Here is the most recent pic of the two of us. It was over Christmas Break at a bball game.


I am also blessed with a great Mother In Law. She has helped me out so much this year. She and my FIL keep my kids just about every Thursday while I teach. They also make every effort to come to all the kids sports and other events. I really appreciate them. Here is Greg and his mom (can you tell it was a bit bright?):


My mother's day was fabulous. Greg went and got me coffee at CUPS and then made me breakfast. He also cleaned the kitchen up which is even better then the breakfast part! We went to church and then he had made reservations at 'Biaggis' for his parents and our family. It was delicious. My kids gave me some gifts that they had made at school ( precious) and Greg gave me a necklace and 2 bracelets. I love jewelry! I got to relax and chat on the phone with my mom and then we capped off the evening with a HUGE storm and lost our power for 2 hours. Nothing like a mother's day in candlelight. ;)

My sweeties:




Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kelly's Home Tour ~ My Living Room(s):

I had so much fun looking at everyones kitchens last week. Now it is on to the living room. I actually have 3 smaller living spaces. I like it that way because when we have company, it feels like there is room and space for everyone. Come on in my house:

First you enter through my foyer:


Then you are in my formal living area:


Another view:




One of my favorite features of my living room is the heart of pine floors. They are very pretty, BUT they scratch quite easily. It is not exactly the best type of flooring to have when your son likes to roll his monster trucks across the floor! Ha!


Then we will look at the space where my kids hang out alot. Here in MS, we call it a keeping room, but I know it is also known as a hearth room in other places. Basically just an extension of my kitchen. My kids watch tv in here, play games, and love to hang out.




We have a bonus room upstairs that serves as our main "family" space. My kids love to watch movies, play the Wii, and have sleepovers. I will post pics of that soon! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

So Long Soccer (part 1)....

Noah had a great first year of soccer. Honestly, I wasn't surprised since he has grown up going to his sisters games. He is very fast and can really dribble the ball down the field. He averaged about 2 goals per game but sometimes scored as many as 5. He also impressed us with his ability to show some defensive skills in blocking, etc. I am just so proud of my little boy!!!

Ready to play:


"hey thats my ball"


Look at that face:

Kicking it into play:


Lots of fun:


A snack and a bobblehead trophy?? Life doesn't get much better when you are 5!!!


Hooray for the SUPERGATORS!!!!



Friday, May 01, 2009

Kellys Home Tour - My Kitchen:

I am a big fan of Kellys Korner blog (the link is on the side). I think she is amazing! She is hosting a 'Show us where you live' home tour every Friday. I thought it would be fun to participate. Welcome to my kitchen:

Here is the view looking in from a hallway. My kitchen is combined with my eating area and what we call in the south...a keeping room. My kids spend lots of time in the keeping room! They lounge on the couch and watch tv, play games, etc! :)


Another view from one side. My favorite thing about my kitchen is the granite countertops. I have had every type of counter surface you can imagine and these are my favorites! :) I love the Method granite cleaner from Target. It smells good and makes the granite shiny!


Better view of eating area and keeping room! Another favorite thing of mine is my bamboo blinds. I love them. I have had them in my last 3 houses. They are relatively inexpensive, but really make a room look pretty ( well I think they do)! ;)


Looking in from the eating area:


Other side of kitchen. I really like my small stone tiles. They are different colors and I like that! We didn't build our home, but I was really pleased with the choices that the builder made.

Thanks for stopping by! :)