Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My crazy life.....

Is it time for bed yet? What a day! Noah and I went to the car repair place today. First of all let me just say that I HATE going to the car place. They are usually running behind and I have to sit and wait , all the while hoping that Noah behaves. Second, I especially hate going when I just went there a month ago and paid $$$ for new brakes and they are still squeaking. So, I sit for over an hour and the man finally walks out and tells me that they drove it around and around and heard NOTHING! WHAT? I sat there and felt like everyone was staring at me like I was nuts. I told the guy that I am not crazy and I am not making this up. When you pull up in the carpool line with a LOUD screech, then something is not right! So I left frustrated and about to cry. I truly believe that because I look young, people do not always take me seriously. DEEP BREATH! So we went to lunch with a friend from church and then off to a cute little boutique to look at a dress that she bought for a wedding. NOTE TO SELF: Do not take 3 yr old son to swanky ladies boutique. It is not made for rough and tumble little boys!!!!! While we were there, I was ooh'ing and ah'ing over the gorgeous dress ( it was soooo pretty) and Noah somehow manages to *almost* knock over the very large and very expensive mirror that was hanging in the fitting room. I just about had a heart attack! I told my friend how pretty she looked and that I loved the dress, grabbed Noah's hand & FLED! I am tired, I am frustrated, & I am cranky! So I ask again, is it bedtime yet?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The mouse is gone....

Hallelujah! When I got home yesterday from carpool, I went upstairs to check and sure enough there was a mouse on the glue thing! I screamed like a wild woman! Madeline and Meredith laughed so hard at me. I couldn't stop screaming and hopping around. It freaked me out so much. I had to go find a box and get the kitty litter scooper thing and put it in the box. Then I made Madeline go throw it somewhere. Of course, she and Meredith had named the mouse "Squeaky" and she kept saying "its ok Squeaky" and "you're a good mouse Squeaky"!!!! Get it out of my house, it is NOT a pet!!!! I sincerely hope that there will be no more little visitors in our home. I simply can't take it. I am not a country girl and I am not good with rodents! YUCK!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Is it Monday again???

Our weekend flew by! Greg was gone for most of it so maybe that is why I am not in a very good mood. Oh, it could be the fact that we have a mouse in the girls room! makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. I thought we were through with those. We haven't seen one in over two years. Greg set glue traps out and I have the door closed. I don't plan on going up there and I am bummed because I was going to do a major spring cleaning starting today. I was so upset last night that I had a hard time relaxing. We rented 'One Night with the King' and it was actually very good. I got up this morning and read the book of Esther to see how close to scripture it was. They actually stayed very close!

So now it is another first day of the week, and can you believe it is almost March? We have about 2 1/2 months left of school. I will have fourth graders soon! YIKES! I think I will be quiet now and go busy myself with some much needed cleaning! Anything to keep my mind off of how fast the time is going by! ;)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Greek Day

Madeline and Meredith had Greek Day at school on Friday. They had to dress up like a Greek, they got to have a Greek Olympics, make Greek crafts, and eat lunch from a local Greek place. Of course, the minute I heard they had to have a costume, the stress started. I am not what you would call a "handy" mother. I just don't have the ability to make elaborate things out of normal household objects. My mother on the otherhand can make something out of just about anything. I always remember that whenever she helped me with class projects, they turned out great. Anyway, I went to Walmart and bought white sheets to which my daughters informed me that they did not want to wear. To my rescue came my neighbor and boy do I owe her! She met me at the fabric store and we bought fabric and rope. She came over after school on Thursday and helped me with the above. I must say that I think they look Beautiful and very *Greek*! THANK YOU BRIDGETT! You rank up there with my mom! ;)

Madeline...The Cheerleader

Upwards has come to an end and I am sad. We had such a wonderful time this year. Madeline was on the 'Shining Stars' cheer squad and they were such a sweet group. I thought they did a great job with all their cheers and halftime routines. I told Madeline that she makes an excellent "base". Of course, she would rather be a "flier" but she still had fun! Madeline and Meredith both said all of the 10 memory verses and were awarded the green star. They got to go with all the other kids that said their verses to a Mississippi College Basketball game. They had a great time and were quite proud of their accomplishment!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thoughtful Tuesday....

This is just going to be a random post with little updates and the summary of my weekend! Some may find it quite boring and that is fine! Let's see, we had a very nice LONG weekend. The twins had yesterday off from school, so I didn't have to get up at 5:30am! It was so nice and makes me yearn for summer to hurry up and get here! Friday night, we picked Greg up from the airport and were so happy to have him home after his very long business meeting. We went to dinner at a favorite Japanese place and then picked Madeline up from Cheer practice. Saturday, the girls each had a final Upwards game. It was bittersweet. They have had such a wonderful time this season and learned so much. I was a very proud mommy. The most wonderful thing that came from the experience was that they both learned and recited the ten Scripture verses from memory! WAY TO GO! Saturday night, was the awards ceremony and Madeline actually danced in a little routine with the other cheerleaders. I got it on video so don't you worry, Sue-Sue!!! Sunday was church and then home to REST. Sunday night I made pizzas and we watched 'Invincible' which is a very good movie in case you haven't seen it! Yesterday, I got to meet up with a friend for lunch and we got to chat while our children visited. It was fun and even more enjoyable, was the fact that Greg took Noah with him! Monday night, the girls had a soccer game and although the entire team played really well, we were dealt a loss. It's so difficult when they play their hearts out and yet still come out without a victory. Oh well, it is a life lesson, right? Ok now for some updates to a few of my previous posts. I know you are on pins and needles:

1. For Valentine's Day, Greg sent me a pajama-gram! It was so cute. It came in a little box and was PINK and very cute. I also got chocolates and a cool headband that I have already worn twice. I told Greg that this was very Thoughtful and I really appreciated the creativity!

2. NOAH GOT IN AT THE PRESCHOOL!!! Yes, the two plus hours were worth it, because I got the call on Friday that he had a spot in the M-F class. I went today and paid the fee and filled out a form. If we are still here next fall, that is where he will go. I love the director and enjoyed visiting with her and it sounds like they have a wonderful curriculum!

3. Saved the best for last, Judy got through her surgery and is doing really well. They removed her kidney and gallbladder and in two weeks should have the results from the lab. Keep praying, but at this point, things are looking good! Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Super Bowl Recipes

I was reminded today that I never posted the two that were requested, so here they are:

SUE-SUE'S CHILI ( Sue Sue is my mom)

2 lbs ground meat ( ground turkey works fine)
1 large onion chopped
1 C chopped green pepper
2 cloves garlic ( chopped)
1 rib chopped celery
1 can tomato paste
2-3 cans tomato sauce
1 can diced tomato
1-2 cans pinto, black, or kidney
2-3 TBSN chili powder
Cumin to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste

Saute onion, pepper, celery in oil - add garlic
Brown Meat and then add above mixture. Add seasonings and let simmer 2-3hrs or longer.
*MY NOTES* ~ You can also add a can of rotel. I also use all organic canned ingredients and I have found that it does make a difference. Now that Hunts has added their organic line, it really is easy to find. The longer this cooks the better it tastes. YUM. Serve with fritos and cheese on top.


1 10oz box of frozen spinach
1/2 C mayo
1/2 C sour cream
1 C grated Parmesan or Romano cheese
1 C shredded Pepper Jack
Optional ~ add chopped artichoke hearts

Preheat oven to 350. Grease small casserole or baking dish. Thaw spinach in microwave and squeeze excess water until dry. Combine all ingredients except for Pepper Jack cheese and pour mixture into casserole dish. Top with the Pepper Jack and Bake 30 mins. *MY NOTES* ~ I have made this without the pepper jack on top and it is just as good. We especially enjoy this served with blue tortilla chips or wheat thins!

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope all of my friends and family have a fun day & I hope you get to eat some chocolate. Noah and I have already had some chocolate donut holes for breakfast ( that is a real treat because I never buy them)! The twins were very excited to go to school today because they were having Valentine parties! I have vivid memories of Valentine's Day in elementary school. I remember taping the little white bags to your desk and everyone would go around sticking their Valentines in them. I LOVED those conversation hearts! Unfortunately, my Valentine is in Orlando attending a meeting. He told me to be on the lookout for a package so I will update when that arrives. I am planning a special dinner for me and the kids. We are having 'Oh so easy Chicken Parmesan' with a red sauce and a salad with red tomatoes ( see the theme ;) ). For dessert, I have strawberry ice cream that I will top with cool whip and fresh strawberries! YUM! I have never made the chicken recipe so if it is any good, I will post it! Have a fabulous day everyone and don't forget to tell all the special people in your life how much they are loved!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What happened to service with a smile?

I am publicly declaring that I must have a sign on my forehead that says "Please let strange things happen to me....I like them"! Literally, it seems that everywhere I go, it can't be a normal experience. I guess people know that I blog and need things to write about!!!! ;) Anyway, I ask the question again....What happened to GOOD service? I am talking about the kind you expect to receive when you eat out. Does anyone else feel my pain? Let me set the stage for you......Saturday afternoon, it was 1:45pm and the girls had just finished their soccer game. We were in high spirits because they had just won their game and played really well! We ran into some good friends of ours and ended up deciding to go get a late lunch. The first place we went to was closed at 2pm so our friends suggested we try a new place that has just opened up in our town. Surely, with it being so late, we will be able to get in and out quickly. We arrive and get seated. A waitress comes over to take our drink order. TEN minutes later and we do NOT have drinks nor have we given our food order. Frustration is setting in but I try to overlook it and just be glad that we are dining out with some adults. By the way, the kids were playing in the arcade area in case you were wondering! Finally the waitress appears and tells us that it is not us but she has too many large tables and another girl is going to handle us. OK!!! Well another 10 mins and the manager comes over to see how we are doing. We tell him that we haven't even gotten our drinks so he runs off and hurries the girl along. We get our drinks and place our order. I am thinking that since the manager knows that we are frustrated , then our food will be quick. WRONG ASSUMPTION! FORTY FIVE mins later.....NO FOOD. To make matters worse, we notice that tables that arrived AFTER us are already eating. Greg had ordered an appetizer too and we didn't even have that. We AGAIN complain to the manager who does nothing more then apologize and run off. I was inwardly FUMING. I just don't understand! FINALLY, we start to get our food delivered. By this I mean, they bring it out in shifts. Is that hilarious or what? They brought the guys food and 3 of the four kids meals. Oh and they brought out the appetizer with it too( I generally prefer my appetizer BEFORE I eat my meal....I must be really picky)!!!! Another 10 mins go by and finally I get my food. Another five mins and my friend gets hers. By this point, Greg was livid. He is in sales so this was completely unacceptable. The manager is summoned and he again APOLOGIZES only. He doesn't offer us any compensation whatsoever! My husband tells him that anyone can apologize but we ought to be offered something in return for this terrible service. The manager smiles sheepishly and says we can have 20% off!!!!! Wow, how generous!!!! The food was nothing to write home about, so after finishing up, we ask for our check. Would you believe that it took our waitress over 15 mins to get our bill to us? We watched as she stood at the register waiting for someone to come help her. We actually contemplated just leaving because at that point I felt like our meal should have been comped!!! FINALLY, the manager brings us our bill and makes sure we notice that he gave us the 20% off and begs us to give the place another try!!!! Yeah buddy, thanks a bunch for the 6.00$ off our meal! Horrible service = 6.00 off.....hmmmmmm, what is wrong with this picture???? Needless to say, I won't be going back there anytime soon and I am going to scrub my forehead with a really good cleanser before I darken the doorstep of anymore places! Then again, maybe this is just a sign from above that I eat out entirely too much!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I said I wouldn't do it but....

I did! Are you wondering what IT is? Well, on Friday morning after I dropped the twins at school, I went and sat for TWO hours to sign Noah up for pre-school! YIKES!!!! I scoffed at the idea of doing this when my neighbor told me two years ago that she had gone at 6am to get her son in! *I* would NEVER do that! As I drove in the pouring rain towards the church, I was going back and forth about whether to do this or not. You see, Noah can go to the same mother's morning out program next year that he is currently attending. I love his school. It is small and he enjoys going. However, I really want him to be in a good Pre-K program for the 2008 school year so I figured it would be easier to get him in for this coming fall and then I won't have to worry about lines and waiting lists. So, we pull up in the parking lot and I don't see any lines. This isn't so bad! Well, I park and haul Noah through the rain and into the fellowship hall. Low and behold there is a BIG group of parents already assembled and there is a sign up sheet to put the order that you arrived. I was number 25! I still decided to stick around. The director was supposed to get there at 8 am. She was TEN minutes late. Normally, one wouldn't think much of that but when you find out that certain people arrived at ONE am, you can understand the tense atmosphere. She starts to call numbers. I am thinking this is going to go fast. NO WAY! It seems every person she called up took a minimum of 10 minutes to "chat". Then we find out that we aren't even registering for real. We are just signing up for a WAITING LIST!!!! Now I am no rocket scientist, but couldn't we just have put our name and number on the sheet and let her call us with a yea or neigh? Also, why in the heck would you have ONE person working the table? You have to know that it is going to be like this year after year! It made absolutely no sense to me, but I stayed because at this point it is a pride issue and I am GOING to get my son on that list! This is the BEST preschool in the town and I want him IN!!!! So finally, two hours later and we get to number 21!!! I only have a few more to go and it is my turn. The director stands up and says she is taking a bathroom break. Ok, yes she is allowed to do that but by this point all us moms ( and a few dads) are pretty much nearing the end of our patience! She took at least 10 minutes for her potty break. I was doing my best not to scream!!! She sits back down and a woman that the rest of us are just sure came in later, goes up there and starts talking to the director. We are all silently muttering " who is she", "what does she think she is doing", "grr grr grr". We send a dad up there to check it out. He reports to us that she must have slipped in super early and put her name on the list cause she is indeed registering ( for the waiting list)! FINALLY....after what seems like hours more, we are at the end of # 24's turn! I am next! I stand up and get ready to go and in walks a woman with her child. She walks right up to the director and they start chit chatting. I am FUMING!!!!! This woman was not registering, she was just having a little "oh my goodness how are you?" talk! HELLO......I have been sitting in this room for over TWO HOURS!!!! It is my turn! You better Move it or lose it sistah!!!!! All my *new* mommy friends ( amazing how close you get after sitting together for that long) are telling me to go up there and let the director see that I am not so happily waiting. So I stand in the directors line of sight. FINALLY, she says goodbye to this PERSON!!! It is officially MY TURN! I walk over and tell her my childs name,age, birthdate and she asks me how Five days a week sounds? I said that would be fine but my first choice is M-W-F. She adds me to that waiting list and tells me that the five day program looks very promising. This took a total of five minutes and Noah and I were leaving! I waited all that time to be told that I *might* get in. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture? I SWORE ( and I don't really swear) that I wouldn't do this! must have been the peer pressure! Thinking back, I guess I did do something similiar with the twins five years ago and I wouldn't accept anything less then the best for my little guy! By the way, do you want to know the kicker to this sweet tale? If we end up moving, Noah won't even attend this school! Go ahead and call me crazy! I already know that I am! ;)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Update on Judy.....

I got an email from Judy. She met with the urologist to go over her CT scan. He said that it is a 95% chance that it is renal cell carcinoma and 5% that it is just a benign tumor. The liver mass appears to just be a hemangioma ( I don't know if I spelled that correctly but regardless it is nothing to worry about). They are going to have to take her kidney out and then test the cancer but the dr feels certain that it is just Stage 1 and it doesn't appear to have spread to her lymph nodes. Judy seemed very positive although I am sure this is still a scary time. She asks that we continue to lift her up. I am praying that she will be in that 5 % group when they remove the tumor. She did say that the dr said that although she will have to get checked more regularly, he feels that once they do the surgery she will be able to get on with her life and be HEALTHY. Let's keep praying for a wonderful outcome and a safe surgical procedure!!! She will have her kidney surgery in two weeks! I will keep updating. THANK YOU!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally Friday.....

I am so glad that it is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend, although it will be busy! This week has been a long one. My car was in the shop on Monday and then Greg was out of town all week. He didn't get home until late last night. I did manage to survive though and the kids were shuttled around to their activities, fed, clothed, and driven to school on time!!! WOOHOO! I am hopeful that we will all stay well this weekend. Tomorrow Madeline cheers at 9:30 and Meredith has a basketball game at 10:30. They both have a soccer game at 11:30 so as you can see we will be racing over to the fields!!! Tomorrow evening we are heading over to Greg's brothers house to hang out and celebrate my nephew's birthday! We always have fun over there. Sunday, we have church and then we are having some neighbors over to watch the Super Bowl. I am going to make Chili and my kids are very excited about that!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and PLEASE keep praying for my friend Judy. I will post when I know more, but she is getting results this afternoon. THANK YOU!