Friday, July 04, 2008

Laughter is great medicine....

I have said it before, but I absolutely LOVE spending time with a friend. I don't have tons of them, but the ones I do have are incredibly special. Last night, I went out with my friend C and we just had a lovely time. I have known C for almost 12 years. I met her when I was pregnant with the twins and our daughters are only a month apart. She correctly pointed out to me that she has visited me in every state that we have moved to. She even flew out to CO! Now that is a true friend...:) ! Anyway, we go way back and I never get tired of her company. We talk and laugh and it is just great. Last night, we ate at P.F. Changs. Oh the food was DELICIOUS and it was so nice to talk to an adult after being home all week with Noah. We were laughing so hard that I am sure the waiter thought we were NUTS ( & I only had ONE glass of wine). After dinner, we walked around at the new little shopping area that is right across the street. We ended up sitting on a bench outside talking until it grew dark! Two weeks ago, I got to spend time with Christy and then this week it was with C. I am blessed to have wonderful friends that I can laugh with! It truly does feed the soul! :)


Diane said...

I agree- this is the best!

A couple friends of mine have been meeting up at Starbucks once or twice a month after the kids have gone to bed, just to spend a few hours chatting in the corner there. :) I love the saying, Friends are the family you choose.

Christy said...

I am JEALOUS!!!!

But in a good way ;)

I can come some time this month-check your calendar and tell me what date would be good for you!