Sunday, June 29, 2008

And then there was one:

One child, that is!!! My girls left this morning with my parents for their annual two week summer visit. They have a blast and it is a wonderful break for me. Greg and I went to church this morning and to brunch and it was quiet and peaceful. Of course, by the end of the two weeks we will be missing those girls!!!

I had such a wonderful time with my parents even though it was far too short. I always enjoy visiting with my mom. We had lots of good conversation. Friday night, we watched the new 'Sense and Sensibility'. It was my second time in a week and I LOVE it. If you like period movies like I do, then this is a must see. I actually like it better then the Emma Thompson one and that is saying something since it has always been one of my favorites. The British really know how to do those kind of movies. I can watch them over and over!!!

I don't have any big plans for our first week. Noah and I will probably go to the pool and I promised to take him to see 'Wall-E'. He will enjoy that! :) For now, I am off to put my feet up and enjoy the quiet. The two weeks will fly by so I am determined to enjoy every second!


Kearsmom said...

Wow....I can't imagine two whole weeks without my girls. They spent the night down the street the other night and I just about went nuts!

I hope you enjoy your time with your little guy.

Diane said...

We went to see WALL-E. Emma liked it but it was a little over her head. About half way through, she looked over at me, motioned me to come closer and said, "Are we going to go eat after this?". LOL

We were breathing the same Florida air and didn't meet- boohoohoo!!!! so sad.

Ashley said...

Is the new Sense and Sensibility a TV movie or was it released in theaters? I need to track it down!