Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

I have had such a nice weekend! Greg took the kids on Friday morning and left for a family reunion on his mother's side. They drove all the way to Florida. I was only too happy to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet. Friday I took my time getting ready and straightened up the house. Around 5, CC and I went and had dinner at Macaroni Grill. We had a great time catching up. We haven't seen each other since our big weekend getaway! After dinner, we came back to my house, changed into our PJ's, made hot chocolate, and watched 2 movies. FABULOUS!!! Saturday, we got up and sat around talking and being lazy. Then we got ready and headed out for lunch at our favorite place and then did some Christmas shopping. I hadn't planned to get out in the crowds this weekend, but it wasn't too bad. Mercifully, we didn't go to the mall and I am sure that was a wise choice! Saturday night I just relaxed and did nothing! Today I have been able to get the tree up and ready for the kids to hang ornaments on. I feel refreshed and ready for the week! YAY! ;) Do I have a nice husband or what?

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Katie McCain said...

Thanks! We bought a house in Reunion. We are scheduled to close on Dec. 12. We are so excited!