Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funnies...

Well ok, maybe it is just funny or "annoying" to me, but here goes. Earlier this week, while I sat in a dr's office waiting for one of my children, I couldn't help but overhear a conversation. There were two women, and they were talking rather loudly for a small office. I wasn't purposely trying to listen. Anyway, they were talking about the fact that one of them was building a house and the other one is about to build. I know that doesn't sound funny, but bear with me. They were talking about colors, floor plans, and then one of them said and I quote...." well I just told my husband that we should go ahead and get started what if we have two mortgages for awhile". THAT my friends is FUNNY to me! Two mortgages????? The housing industry is HORRIBLE, the economy is bad, people are without jobs left and right, and she doesn't care if she has two house payments!!!! What I really wanted to do was give her my friends number and tell her to call someone that actually DOES have two mortgages and has been trying to sell her other house for a year! Then again, this person probably has alot of money and it is no big deal. Does anyone else find this hysterically absurd?

Today, I ran to the mall to get a birthday present. I normally avoid the mall. We have two wonderful freestanding shopping centers now that are so much nicer. Had I known that 'Limited 2' is now 'Justice for girls', I would not have set foot in the mall today. Anyway, now I remember one of the reasons I hate the mall. Since when did it become ok for us to be accosted by vendors that are in the middle of the mall? You know the ones I am talking about...the little carts!!! I went to one store and I was tracked down by 3 different people. One lady tried to sell me some Deep Sea cream, another guy wanted to show me a curling iron thingie, and a man almost ran straight into me trying to sell me some sort of blanket that he was holding near his nose. Are they scented????? Anyway, I HATE that you can't even walk to the store you are wanting to go to without being stalked. It is awful! I decided after shopping at the store that is no longer the store I thought it was, that I was going to pull a "Christy". I totally deserved a latte'!!!! And it was Delicious! ;)


Kearsmom said...

Two mortgages? Willingly? What world does she live in?? Oh, I know...her mother probably never told her no! (haha....reference to my blog)

Yuck...I hate the mall. It's just gotten nasty lately, don't you think? I will be so glad when the new JC Penny opens over here. It's really the only reason I have for going to the mall.

Christy said...

You should have given her my number.

oooohhh, that makes me so mad! I would probably have opened my big mouth, spilled the horror story that is my real estate life, and then had to blog about how I should have kept my mouth shut.

I mean, seriously, if you have that extra money to throw away give it to Compassion International or some other charity!!!

I agree with the mall thing-you are hilarious. One of those Deep Sea lotion guys kept pestering me that last time I was there and I nearly lost it.

You pulled a me! I am so excited that spending four dollars on a cup of heaven bears my name!! LOL ;)

I can't wait for next weekend!!!

Diane said...

I agree with you on both counts! My friend had two mortgages and ended up foreclosing on one and almost losing the other. Most foreclosures around here are due to the fact that they got stuck w/two mort. payments. Esp...when building a home, you know it always costs way more than you plan.

Anyhow...the mall! UGH. I can't stand going in there. The last time I went, this guy literally stood in my way and guided me to his booth and was asking if these were my real nails. Then he took out a nail file (I HATE nail files), but esp. ones that have been used on who knows who with fungus nails! He grabbed my hand and I pulled it back and said, ewww- you are not filing my nails. I grabbed N and E and fled that place. Who gives them the right to bother us, to try to GRAB my hand, to stand in my way? If he had tried that with my mother in law, she would have clobbered him with her purse. Really. You should take my MIL with you shopping there for a laugh.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh those mall carts are absolutely ridiculous. I avoid them like the plague, yet they still somehow manage to get in my face. I've thought so many times of complaining to the mall. Next time I probably will. Oh, and the two mortgages...unbelievable. That is SO the city we live in, is it not?