Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Always a positive...

This past Monday, the twins had a big project due. They each had to do Reading Fair projects as it is required for fifth graders. You have to use those fold out cardboard project boards and put all kinds of info on them. The winners are usually ones that have obviously had a little help from parents. Some of these people are soooooo creative. Let me state....I am an artist, but in the dance field. I can dance and teach dance, but I am not creative at all. Anyway, I told the girls not to wait until the last minute, but what do you know? We were up until 10pm doing these projects. I was having a little pity party for myself thinking how unfair it is that I have to help with TWO of these and everyone else just has one. THEN...I had a thought....poor Kate (from Jon and Kate plus 8). She will have SIX to do at a time! That made me feel so much better....see there is always a positive!!! ;) PS... Meredith made a 100 on hers and I am pretty sure Madeline will as well. I could care less if they don't place in the fair! 100's were our goal!

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Christy said...

and she will have to make EIGHT lunches. That in itself makes me want to cry.

LG luckily got to opt out of that this year!! The reading fair is required next year. ICK.