Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday ( quick post)

Thank you guys for praying. I desperately wish I could get on here and type out an "It finally happened" post, but unfortunately, I can't. My realtor called me this morning and said that while it still *could* happen technically, my house would take the most alterations so it is not looking like this is the buyer. I thought that I had prepared myself to handle this kind of response but evidently I had not. Tears come way to easily at this point! To say that I am tired of this whole ordeal is an understatement. I worked extremely hard Tues & Wed to have my house looking good. The other realtor did comment on how well my house shows which did make me feel better, but really, they probably say that to everyone!!! I think I am just emotionally exhausted. It is incredibly overwhelming to think about this most of your day and wonder when/if this is ever going to happen. I am tired of spending hours on my home and then nothing coming of it! I am tired of wondering when the phone rings, if it is finally some good news. I have given up looking at other homes because it is just too hard. I have received so much wonderful advice to pray, trust, believe, etc. I have been doing all of that and while I am not giving up, in all honesty, some days I want to. So thank you so much for praying. I really do appreciate it. I DO know that God IS in control and his timing is perfect. Mentally, I KNOW that,but emotionally I am spent! I just needed to vent and this is my blog so that is what I did. Thanks for reading!


Christy said...

I am sorry, Andrea!!
I know what a disappointment it is for you. I am going to call you this afternoon!!

Jen in MS said...

Gosh Andrea,
I know you are tired and disappointed. I'm sorry this wasn't the one. I know you are so ready to move beyond this. I'm still praying.