Monday, May 14, 2007

Tired Monday....

Does anyone out there struggle with fatigue? I am not talking the kind of tired that you get just because you are a mommy. I mean the kind where you have a hard time waking up and you just feel "heavy" all day long. Whatever the cause, I seem to have it daily. Last Friday, I literally felt drugged. It was so weird. I am wondering if I am just not drinking enough water and then since I am working out 3x a week, maybe I am just draining myself of energy. Anyway, if any of you kind friends have suggestions, I am totally open!!! Thanks! ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I meant to take pics and then did not! My girls gave me these cute little picture holders they made at school along with sweet notes that they had written. They both told me that I am a great cooker! I don't know how they can say that when I hardly cook these days! Greg gave me a beautiful necklace and some earrings. He is so good at picking out pretty jewelry and of course you can't go wrong with giving me that! I love it! I may need to find an extra drawer for all of it though because the two I have now ( plus my jewelry box) are about to overflow!!!!! What a problem, huh? Anyway, I had a very nice day and didn't do much but relax during the afternoon and of course, call my sweet mom. We somehow got the kids to bed by 8 and then Greg and I watched 'The Prestige'. I am a huge huge ( did I say huge) fan of Christian Bale but this was a weird one. My brother warned me that it was hard to figure out and he was right. I had to get online today and find a site that answered my questions! I am strange that way, but I just couldn't let it go until I "understood" it.

We are now down to NINE more days of school ( actually 8 after today). I can't believe I will have 4th graders. Next Thursday will be their final day. The year has absolutely flown by. I *think* I have enough activities & down time scheduled for the summer but we shall see. Expect some "I am going to pull my hair out" posts from me come June! ;) It is just a matter of time! Maybe being able to sleep later then 5:45 will help with the fatique though! Do you think? ;)


Trella said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day.

Jen in MS said...

you may want to run by your doctor's office and have them check your iron. You could be anemic.

Glad you had a good Mother's Day. Mine was good too. I just relaxed and let the family pamper me!

Thinking of you,

Christy said...

I would check for anemia too-I feel like this every now and then and anemia is usually the culprit. Are you eating protien in the morning? If I don't eat something like eggs, peanut butter, ect... then I feel like I am on pain medicine or something by 9 am LOL.
I am glad you had a good mothers day!!

diane said...

I'm anemic and often feel this way...I have to be on top of my vitamins and eating well.

Getting blood work would be a good idea. Not only to check for anemia, but also your thyroid.

The stress of the house is also probably really weighing you down.