Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Recap:

I was so happy when my Friday classes were over...the weekend had officially arrived. We actually got snow on Friday night, but it didn't stick. I had to go pick up the twins from a playdate after I taught and I ended up visiting with the mom for over a hr and a half. I am excited that the girls are playing with her daughter because we have alot of the same views and morals! After I got the girls home, dad agreed to take them to a bday party they had been invited to attend. I just couldn't drag myself out again! Saturday morning, our soccer game was canceled and it was SO nice not to have to go anywhere. I realized that we have had a game or games(more often the case) ever single Saturday since the beginning of January. We all enjoyed a lazy morning of no place to go. Greg got the garage cleaned out and I was able to get a few things done inside. I decided to go browse around some stores , but ended up not spending any $! Of course, I more then made up for that today since I just shopped online. I wanted to get a few things for Greg and my weekend trip coming up. I can't wait. Our Sunday has been a blessing. We had a great service and then went to eat lunch at 'Biaggi' or as the girls said "are we gonna go eat at Baggis"? ;) I think we are going to go try a home group in a little bit. We really need to. My week will be busy with 2 soccer games, orthodontist appt, errands, Noah's Easter party at school, my teaching schedule, and Greg traveling. This is our final week before Spring Break and I am beside myself with glee. I can't wait to have a whole week of no school, no soccer games, homework, stress, and NO TEACHING! A week from this Thursday I am meeting Greg in Memphis and we are going to enjoy THREE WHOLE NIGHTS without kids. They will be having a fun-filled time at Hotel Grandparents!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Come on Friday....hurry up! ;)


Christy said...

that sounds like so much fun!!!

DId you like Biaggi's? I went there the other night with Laura and Pam and LOVED IT. Not friendly on the waistline, but so good!

Andrea said...

OH YEAH...we have been there about 6 times already! I LOVE their thin crust pizzas...yum yum!!!! In fact, I think I hear the leftovers calling my name!!!!