Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I can't help it but I do. We went from lazy (L-A-Z-Y) mornings, fun filled days, and late nights to a bunch of running around, schedules, early mornings, and utter craziness!!! I am feeling overwhelmed. There seems to be so much to keep up with and I find myself living for the weekends. I know that isn't what I am supposed to do, but every single Friday I have such a joy knowing that the weekend is upon us! Then by Sunday night, there is a heaviness that sets in. Hopefully, I can get my life organized and begin to sinc with our new routine! It is sooooooooooo hard!!!! Anyone else feel that way???


Christy said...


Layton has soccer and LG has dance and I had NO idea how much that adds to the chaos. I now understand a bit more of your life!

I am hoping it all settles down after Christmas-it did last year.

Mark and Emily said...

I am a friend of Ashley Lancaster, I read your blog sometimes. I am a school teacher and can feel your pain! :) It will come routine just in time for Christmas Break!