Saturday, August 01, 2009

Navarre Beach Part 2

The rest of the week just seemed to speed by. Of course it was not without its share of drama. I will not go into detail, but lets just say it involved things that were out of my control and I probably failed the test of going with the flow.

Mom and the girls


Went shopping in Destin and met up with the Embrys ( Meredith and Ally are best friends)


Noah and I on the balcony


Greg and I got to go out on a date because my mom volunteered to keep the kids. We had a very nice evening.


All in all, a very nice vacation. I can't believe the summer is almost over. We are on school countdown here. We are under 2 weeks now. Part of me is not ready, but part of me is READY! I think the kids need some structure and so do I!

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Christy said...

The girls look so grown up!!!

One week until school starts back...I am with you-ready, but not ready.

I am not looking forward to getting up early but looking forward to routine at the same time!