Saturday, August 15, 2009

Noah's First Day of Kindergarten

Noah started school the day after his sisters did. They break the K classes up according to alphabet and his name fell on the second day. We were all very excited and also a little anxious ( well mommy was).

I had to remake the same "first day " breakfast:


My big boy:


We had to bargain about the backpack. He wanted 'Star Wars' and I wanted his name monogrammed on it. The Star wars backpacks are made of a plasticky material and couldn't be mongrammed so........he got a Star Wars lunch box and thermos and I got the plain blue backpack. He did pick "lightsaber red" for the color of his name!


Silly boy:


Who wouldn't want to teach this little guy?


Noah, I hope that you have a wonderful year. I have been praying all summer that God would give you the teacher that he wanted you to have. I am trusting that you will learn so much with Mrs. U this year. I hope you always keep your happy and fun personality. I LOVE YOU!


Diane said...

How did 5 years pass so quickly? *sniff sniff*
Have a great year, Noah!

Christy said...

He is adorable :) The negotiating has started with Laura Grace as well. When did they suddenly wake up with opinions?!?!

Junebug said...

hey!! great pics!

also, i added your link to my blog list.