Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My looney tune episode of the day....

I am posting this so that Christy feels better about yesterday! I am letting go of all sense of dignity by posting this! ;)

Yesterday started off fine. I took the girls to sports camp and dropped Noah off at his summer program ( 9-12). I went to the bank, put gas in my car, and got a coffee from my favorite place. I came home, emptied the dishwasher, and sat down to watch an episode of 'The Closer' on my DVR ( Love my DVR and LOVE that show)!!! It was very nice and very quiet. When I picked everyone up, the girls begged to have a friend come play and I agreed. They wanted Backyard Burger so that is where we went. They got a table, and I got in line. After I ordered, I took my wallet out of my purse and surprise, my debit card was not in its usual place. Let me just add that losing my debit card is one of my biggest fears in life. I pray constantly that God will protect my checking acct. I am just really paranoid. Anyway, I digress, it WASN'T there and panic began to set in. Thank the Lord I had some cash and I paid for the food and tried to walk to the table without keeling over. I sat down and began to go through my entire purse and wallet. At this point, I am sure that anyone sitting near us could tell by my WHITE face, that something was not right. I quietly told the kids to sit at the table and wait on the food as I ran out to the car thinking I certainly must have dropped it or put it in the front seat holder! I looked and looked, but it was no where. At this point, I am paranoid and I feel like I am going to hyperventilate. I come back inside and the food is there, kids are eating, and I am really at panic mode! I look through my purse and wallet TWO more times and then grab my cell phone and try to call and get a number of my bank. All I can think is two things.....all my vacation money is in my acct, & my husband is never going to let me live this down since I am always ragging him about keeping up with his card. I try the 1-800 number that the operator gives me but it just rings and rings. FULL BLOWN TERROR HAS HIT!!!! I *calmly* tell the kids to grab their food and we are taking it in the car. The poor little friend is staring at me like I have lost my mind. They are all saying "what is wrong, why, etc etc"?? I grab Noah and his food and for some unknown reason I grab my untouched hamburger meal and THROW it away. My girls and their friend are bewildered at this point. We head for the car where I practically throw Noah in and off we go. The whole time I am driving towards the bank, I am trying to breathe because I feel like I am going to pass out. It was that horrible. Now, one would think that as a Christian, I would be able to stop and pray and just have a little bit of FAITH! Yeah, one would think that!!!! I screech the car into the bank parking lot and run inside. The teller looks at me like I have lost my mind. I ramble on about everything. She looks up my acct and shows me that the only two purchases made that day were mine. We call the gas station to see if I dropped the card there...NO. She asks if I want to cancel it and I am trying to make some sense come into my foggy brain!!! Then, out of nowhere, I have a thought. It had to have been from God but I have to race home to make sure that I am right. I tell her that I will call her back in 10 mins if I need to cancel the card. We head home. I run into my house ( before the kids can see what I am doing), and run to my laundry room, open my dryer, sort through clothes, and there in all its glory is my card!!!!!! What was it doing in there you may ask? Well, for some unknown reason, my cropped pants were too loose for my liking, so I stuck them in the dryer for 5 mins when I had been home earlier. Obviously, I had stuck my debit card in my pants while I was pumping gas!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now, as you are laughing, let us ask a few impt questions.
1. Why put a debit card in your pants pocket?
2. Why didn't you remember that you had put said card in pocket?
3. And most impt. why did you throw that perfectly delicious Bkyd Burger and Fries away??? The lean cuisine meal I ate just didn't do it for me!!!!


Christy said...

Oh, Andrea...I can't help but laugh as I read it. Yesterday I could sympathize...especially about the thrown away food!! I was just so glad it wasn't a car wreck when you called me!!

But today it is hilarious ;).
Thank you for sharing a story that makes me look a little less...I don't LOL

Trella said...

Oh, that is the worst feeling in the world.
Funny, we had a similar incident at Backyard Burger. When my hubby went to pay he didn't have his debit card. Come to find out earlier that day he went to the ATM and forgot to get his card back. The machine sucked it up, and the bank mailed it to him. My husband is like you, and constantly getting on me about my card, etc.
I am glad everything worked out for you.

Diane @ A DAy in the Life said...

oh geez, the misplaced/lost debit/credit card scare- it's horrible! Another fear of mine is losing my drivers license. LOL

Hey! Are you watching So you think you can dance? Who are your favs? I'm cheering for Lacey and Kameron for now. We'll see if any others upstage them.

P.S. If I'm going to comment on your blog, I need you to comment me back or ELSE. :) Love you!

Jen in MS said...

LOL! I know that panic feeling of looking for the debit card while standing at the check-out. I do that a lot! Glad you found it!