Sunday, June 17, 2007


Today being Father's Day, I have to post about two exceptional men.

First of all, I was blessed with an incredible dad. Growing up, I think ( no I know) that I took for granted the fact that I had a Godly man training me and guiding my life in the right direction. Sure there were times when I thought he was way too strict, especially when giving me tv tickets and asking me daily if I had done my devotions! Being a pastor, is one of the most stressful jobs on this earth, but I never once doubted my dad's love for me and my siblings, or for my mom. He put up with all of my feminine drama and sat through who knows how many ballet performances, and was always there to lend a supportive and encouraging voice. I think he might often wonder if he did a good job raising his children. He didn't! He did a GREAT job. I hope he realizes how much he is loved and appreciated and that one day he truly will stand before his heavenly father and hear those words..."well done my good and faithful servant"! I LOVE YOU DAD!!!

I wasn't just blessed with a good dad, I was also blessed with a wonderful husband and father to my own children. Greg is one of those men that everyone likes. He is friendly and kind and positive at almost any given time. When we first met, he told me that he wanted to have five children. He was always rolling around with the kids from church and they affectionately labeled him the "big kid". Thankfully, he reconsidered the number of children after watching his wife go through pregnancy twice. However, he is the very best dad to the three he was gifted with. They absolutely love their father. In fact, I think he is known as the "fun" one around our house. Since Greg travels, his spare time at home is often spent with our offspring. Some men choose to hunt, fish, or golf in their free moments. Not my husband, no he spends almost all of his free time taking them here and there. He is forever pointing them to Christ and he sets an amazing example of a man who puts the Lord first in everything. I know that they will grow up with a confidence that their father loves them with all his heart! I LOVE YOU GREG!!!


Jen in MS said...

Yes you are blessed! What a sweet tribute to your dad and Greg!

Trella said...

Very nice tribute to your dad and Greg. You are truly blessed.

Christy said...


That was sweet :)

I know that meant alot to your dad and Greg!