Saturday, October 06, 2007

Don't quit....

So we pull up at the soccer field, and at 2pm, it is blistering hot! I notice that we are playing the same team we played a couple of weeks ago ( with the annoying mom) and lost 4-3. I also notice that we are short TWO players ( two of our older players at that). Let me back up...we lost one player at the beginning of the season and so we are already playing with one less. To put it simply, the other team had all 9 of their girls and we had six. That meant, that all six had to play the entire game. IT was SOOOOOO hot. I sat under my umbrella and I was still sweating. We started off with 2 scores right off the bat. I couldn't believe it. The girls all played really well, but by the end of the 3rd quarter, they were exhausted. The other team was hot too, but at least 3 players got to sit out during each quarter. We were tied 4-4 at the end of the 3rd. Our coach came walking over to the parents and said he was going to call the game. The girls were just dehydrated and done. He said he would ask them one more time, and then that was it. He walked back over and apparently they all said "no way...we are not quitting". So.......we start the 4th tied. Would you believe that we scored two more times, got called for a handball, so the other team got a free shot, we successfully defended our goal and ended up winning 6-4? WOW! I screamed so loudly that I am sure that other mom was quite annoyed with me. So, even when things look difficult and you are exhausted, and you think about stopping...dig deep and DON'T QUIT! You just might get the victory! :) How is that for a Saturday sermon? ;)

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Go girls!

I know you are one proud mommy :)