Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where have I been?

Well.......I have been busy with Noah's two parties and helping my mom take care of my 2 year old niece! I am WIPED out. I don't know how I forgot so quickly that two year olds are exhausting but I sure did. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My poor mother was so tired when she left today. I think she will spend the next two days in bed!!!! I am hoping that DH gets home soon and that my kids cooperate tonight. Madeline and Meredith's Birthday weekend is what is on our schedule next! Hopefully, I will be able to upload some pics in the coming days. Until then, just know that I am alive, just very very tired!!!!! ;)


Christy said...


you wouldn't want to keep Layton tommorrow right?


I don't really need a babysitter-BUT if you start missing Audrey I will loan you Layton-he is probably smellier but he is FAST.

Andrea said...

LOL!!!! Oh yeh, he and Audrey would have been fast friends!!! ;)