Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I need to either cry or scream.......

So instead, I will vent on here!!!! I think the Lord is testing me with my patience levels in dealing with people! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Situation #1......About 3 weeks ago, I went into a monogram store where I have done business before. I had noticed a cute little shirt that I wanted to have monogrammed for my nieces birthday. I picked the shirt out and told her the name, paid, and left being assured it would be done in a week. One and a half weeks later, I go to pick the shirt up. The woman smiles, gets the shirt and hands it to me. She looked quite proud I might add. At first glance, I knew something was not right. I looked closer and noticed that the name was a little crooked. I asked the woman about it and she said "well It is supposed to be like that...it makes a half circle around the emblem". Ok, I may not keep a spotless house, but I am impeccable when it comes to my clothes. It was crooked and looked bad. Then I noticed that the gift emblem was crooked. It went through my mind whether I should just accept it or not. I may look young but dangitt, I am not going to be taken advantage of. I very nicely told the woman that I thought it was crooked and didn' t she. Well she took out a ruler and said "oh well it is crooked and is off about a half an inch. Then she said "I guess I will make you a new one......But it won't be ready for another week. Grrrrr....I told her that was fine but I needed it by the following Thursday because my niece was being picked up that day by her other grandmother. Do you know that when I went back that Thursday morning, the woman looked at me and I could read her eyes ( she was a bit smug) and she said " I haven't gotten to it yet...I will do it sometime this afternoon. I have been very busy!!!!! Oh that did it! I was so mad. I waited to make sure the other customer had left and I calmly said " but I told you that I needed it by now". She said " I know, BUT I have been VERY busy and I just haven't gotten around to it". I told her that I didn't think that was right since it was a mistake on her part. Girls, she didn't ONCE even apologize. I was shaking!!! I asked her if she would rather give me my money back. She said "ok", walked to her register, took the money out and handed it to me. She NEVER apologized!!! Why I ask? I just don't get it. IF I had a store that size, I would want my customers happy. Was I wrong to think that my order should have been first on her list? I told my mom that when I went in there, I noticed that the shirt was in the same spot that she had laid it in when I had gone in the first time. She didn't even bother with it!!! I hate to say it, but she lost my business and I will never recommend her!!! I can't believe she treated me that way!

Second situation....For my birthday, I bought some clothes and I ordered two items off of Anntaylor loft.com Well I got my shipment confirmation over a week ago but still nothing. I got online today to track the pkg and something wasn't right so I called DHL. Well they called me back about an hr ago and basically told me the pkg is lost and I need to contact Ann Taylor. They won't budge on helping me. I felt like a fool. I call Ann Taylor and am told that they will need to put a search to try to find the pkg and it will be another 3-5 days!!! I was spoken to like I was a child!!! I tell you, I put my head down and cried. Then I decided I would come here and vent. What a day......I had my yearly appt this morning, and now this!!!! Surely tomorrow will be better, right? :(


Diane said...

oh, girly, big hugs.

Stuff like this happens to me all the time. I really believe it's the biggest reason I HATE shopping. **I know, I'm probably the only woman on this earth who despises shopping.** always problems with things I buy.

That monogram lady was outrageous!!!!You should have a friend call her and say I heard how you treated my friend, I will never step foot in there...maybe if she knows she's lost more than one customer she'll get wise.

On the brighter side...you won't have to get your yearly done for a WHOLE year! Go girl!

Jen in MS said...

Oh, that kind of thing is so frustrating. I find I get annoyed at people's lack of respect or common courtesy. I really noticed it this weekend in Nashville. Like when these kids darted out of the Children's Place in front of us as we were walking down the mall. I stopped for them. Not really a big deal. But then out pops the mom from the store, walks right in front of us making us have to continue to stop and wait on them, without so much of an excuse me. No wonder the kids were that way. The mom had no manners either.
Then yesterday, Chase credit card called for Britt. He has a card with them through work. When they asked for him and I said he was at work, they hung up on me mid sentence. I called the 1-800 number back and found out it was Chase. Then today at the exact same time, another person calls from the same number. I was prepared to tell them not to call back....obviously, they could call every day at 2 and he will BE AT WORK. Well, as soon as I asked to take a message (I didn't even bother so say he wasn't here), she said no she'd call back. I quickly said "Nnnn...." And click. She hung up on me too. What nerve to call my house, interrupt me while I was brushing my teeth, LOL, and my toddler was napping, and hang up on me. I got on their do not call list and emailed the company. I don't think very highly of them.

Anyway, I just say all that to say that I understand. It's very unsettling to encounter people that are not decent, especially in business.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Christy said...


I can't believe that!

WHAT STORE!?!?! you can email me and tell me ;)

I know someone who monograms-does a GREAT job-oh wait, you know her too. Tracy Meeks! She is starting to make cute shirts and outfits too ;)

Jen in MS said...

That's funny! Tracy M. taught Katelyn and me how to knit! Katelyn still misses her daughter! How does Christy know her? Do you and Tracy go to the same church now? Is Horizon still a church?

Katrice said...

Your blog just made me realize that the last thing I ordered never came in so I just called them. You know what they told me..."it has to be lost 7 more days for them to resend it or search for it"! WHAT!!!???!!!!!

Christy said...

Hi Jen!

She goes to my church :) She teaches the other 3K class-I will have to mention you tomorrow!!

Christy. said...

I just found your blog through Christy. I can so relate to bad customer service, it's everywhere these days!
I saw on you list that you read Karen Kingsbury. I love her! I have read all of her books and can't wait for the new one to come out!