Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I just have to link over to Christy at 'Mommy Brain'. She wrote a great blog entry on Halloween, and it pretty much sums up my entire take on the "day". I have a very hard time understanding how Christians have let their views on this slide. The Lord says to "flee from evil". It is very difficult to stand alone, I do understand that! A few weeks ago, I went to read for Madeline's class and they wanted me to read all sorts of scary, spooky stories. I had to decline ( much to my daughters embarassment). God calls up to be set apart....even when it is not easy! That being said, I do not think it is wrong to "dress up" , as long as the costume is not scary, gory, evil, or trampy. We always enjoy going to Fall Festivals,etc because I think that is a way that Christians can take a holiday that was meant for evil and turn it into something that is good! Be sure to click on the link:



Christy said...

Thank you Andrea-I am glad it made sense to you! LOL. I felt like I was rambling.

I felt like I had to say something, I almost didn't because I didn't want to "offend" anyone. But then I realized that being PC goes against what God calls us to do. And like you said, that is to be SET APART.

MelissaE said...

I totally agree Andrea. I love the Halloween I remember as a child. Now it is way too scary and gory. Joshua is afraid to walk down the Halloween aisle at Target and I don't blame him. We went to trunk or treat at our church and I was so appalled. People were dressed as really scary things and they had their cars decorated really scary. It seems like if anyone says anything about things being too scary nowdays then we are just party poopers and no fun.
I have no problem with dressing up and going trick or treating but my son will never dress as a murderer or anything gory and gross. We will continue to carve pumpkins and roast pumpkin seeds. We just keep it light and fun.

Andrea said...

Hey Melissa!!! I miss alot of what I remember as a child. School experiences, Halloween, church....it has all changed and more often then not, it hasn't been for the better! Just think how when we were kids there were about 20 TV stations and I rushed home to watch Brady Bunch. Nowadays....that is so different!!! sigh