Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Be careful what you pray for:

Monday, I was reading a devotional on not letting your attitude depend on circumstantial joy. I felt really convicted and was praying that God would help me in that area. I am the "queen" of being really peppy when life is good and easy and then being in a rotten mood when its not! Oh how I should have "rephrased" my prayer request. So far this week:

~ Chest Freezer is not working. ( I had just been to SAMS to stock up on meat, shrimp, etc)

~ 6 month old Kitchenaid Dishwasher NOT WORKING ( warranty repair guy has stood me up twice now)

~ Construction workers across the street completely cut our phone lines so yesterday we had no phone or DSL!

~ Today a garbage truck hit an electric pole, so we were out of power for awhile...now internet is not working right! :(

~ Noah is sick again and Meredith is home sick as well!

~ I had someone that I barely know say some things about my ballet teaching that were hurtful!!!!

I think that about covers it! I don't know if my attitude has been very good! I am sure in the end God will be glorified and all will be calm again!!! Right?


CresceNet said...
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Christy said...

gotta love spam!!!

I am SO SORRY you are having such a rough week. But things WILL get better soon-you know how life is, it gets rough and smooths out again.

I am sorry the kids are sick, I know how hard that is! And you konw my opinion about the dance thing! The girl IS NOT a professional dancer, she has no clue what she is doing and her opinion is crap.
YOu are a sweet friend and I don't see how you could possibly NOT be a great teacher.

Katrice said...

I am so sorry! That's when you want to send smoke signals to God saying "Ok I've got it now. We can move on!" HA! And about your deleted comment....I read it....I laughed.....then Christy's "gotta love spam" just said it all!:)

Katrice said...
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diane said...

Oh, you know, people always like to talk, and it's usually those who are clueless.