Monday, January 07, 2008

New Years Eve 2007!

We have done alot of entertaining lately.It has been fun! We had our good friends the Falkners over and their son Matthew who was born 3 days before the twins. Michelle and I were preggo together and have now known each other for over ten years. We LOVE them!!! We also had one of my best friends over....Cecilia and her fiancee' Blair! We ate lots of good food including the honey ham that Greg's boss sent us, and rang in the New Year at precisely 12 midnight. My kids had a blast staying up that late. ~
Greg and Stephen look so funny in their hats ( Christy: this one is for you ;) ;) ;) )

For years, CC, Michelle, & I have moaned about the photo that Michelle has framed of the 3 of us. We just didn't like it. I don't know if this one is any better. My makeup had worn off by midnight and I didn't even have the energy to apply fresh lipstick. They look great though!

Funny Kids! I have pictures of the twins and Matthew playing together at all different ages.

Group picture! Michelle has the same camera that I do so we propped the sucker up and she set the timer for me. It was a GREAT night!

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diane said...

Happy New Year, Friend!!! I wish I could have been there- I'll send a belated cyber hug. Hope this year is incredible for you.