Sunday, January 13, 2008

Being A Parent is HARD WORK!

Truly, there are many days that I want to just throw in the towel and say "I quit". Actually, there have been days when I have just said "whatever". Well I am here to tell you other moms not to do it. STAND FIRM! It is not worth it to be a lazy parent and I am confessing that I have been! I get so tired of the whining and complaining, that I just give in alot of the time and I have a hard time being consistent in discipline. It greatly saddens me that I have failed to teach my children to be incredibly grateful for all the blessings that they have. This weekend in particular, took the cake! I have never been more embarassed in my role of parenting nor felt as horrible at the situation that I have created!!! Well, no more.....last night was the last straw for Greg and me. AND....for the rest of the week the twins have lost tv, IPODS, playtime with friends, computer, Wii ( oh my), and basically anything that doesn't involve school, church, reading, chores, or sports practices!!! They also received another long time coming form of punishing and YES I do believe it is Biblical! After all was said and done, and they were in bed, Greg and I stood in the kitchen looking at each other. Do you know that I felt very angry at myself for letting some things slip, but I also felt relief that we had taken some action! I am convicted that I have let the ball slip in this area. These children are gifts from heaven and I can't take the job of raising them lightly! I am THREE short years away from having TWO teenagers. I know that if I don't get a handle on things now, then my job will be infinitely harder in the future. So, with God's help, I am letting this post serve as a wake up call to myself! And if you are a close friend of mine, you have my permission to check in and hold ME accountable!


Diane said...

Amen Sister! We are in the same exact boat. N has lost privileges this week. No DS Lite, no Playstation, and it's not for only a week. I was tacking a couple days at a time for each offense (which he was aware of)...He's never been fresh until recently, he's been coming out with some things!

If we dont' get a handle on it now, forget about trying to handle anything when they are older. :)

And...of course we do all this in love, not because we want them to be's par for the course. Life lessons. Every action has consequences.

Christy said...

There is something in the air!!

Laura Grace also has no tv for the rest of the week. And no leapster.

She cried herself to sleep.

I WANT TO HEAR THE STORY. Because I am nosy :) I am emailing you now...