Thursday, January 17, 2008

Each day is a fresh start!

One of my favorite movies is 'Anne of Green Gables' and one of Annes favorite sayings is that "each day is a fresh start filled with endless possibilities". On that note, I started today off with some quiet time. I had to confess to the Lord my ROTTEN attitude that I have had over the past week. I have just let my actions and words dictate my "feelings" and "circumstances". I know that I can CHOOSE joy or CHOOSE being bitter. Those are two very different reactions, but it truly is my choice!!! Today I am trying to choose the joy. Of course, as soon as I was finishing up my prayer time, in walks Madeline to tell me that she is now sick! Sooooooo immediately, the frustration was so tempted to spill over into my words and temperament! Thankfully, I was able to calm myself down and get her settled. I would appreciate prayer for the health of our family. There is actually some sort of bug that has made its way through our neighborhood. I am starting to rethink whether I ever want my children on one of those moonjump things again. We had a party on Sunday and alot of kids that went to it have come down with this bug! Noah has tonsillitis and is on an antibiotic! He seems to be a little bit better. Meredith headed back to school today and is much better but still weak. I would have given her another day, but she is already so behind. She missed THREE tests and has two more tomorrow. We have a very busy weekend with basketball game & team pictures, cheerleading & pictures, soccer practice, & Greg and I are supposed to be going out Sat. night to celebrate our anniversary. I am so hopeful that I can get everyone well by then. We desperately need a date!!! So, somehow I will survive!! Today has already come, so maybe tomorrow will be better!!! ;)

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Christy said...

I hope they are better!!!

I do wonder how much they clean those things...