Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One of those days....

***Be warned...this is a VENT post. Read at your own risk***

Today is one of those days where I wish I could just crawl back under the covers. The weather has gone from warm yesterday to cold and cloudy again. I feel like the weather. It just seems like I am struggling to find the sunny spaces in life and the clouds are thick and EVERYWHERE. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I know that God says we will go through trials. Just because we are Christians does not grant us a walk in the park everyday! For me, the past year has just been a time of challenging low points, with a few mountain tops thrown in here and there. As soon as I start to relax, there is something else right around the corner. Does that make sense? I am not going to go into detail on here, but I just needed to vent. The biggest struggle I have is thinking that "the grass sure does look greener over in so and so's yard"? Some people just seem to have it all together and life just never gets them down. I know that can't be true but it sure does look that way! Anyway, today I am not in bed. I have gotten 3 children off to school, showered/dressed, been to the grocery, and straightened the house. I will keep pluggin along! Maybe tomorrow, the sun will come out again! *** Oh and if you are one of those perfect people, then you don't have to reply!***


Kearsmom said...

Yes, I had a whole week of those days last week...this too shall pass and the sun will come out again.

She is a "clock"-specifically 6 I think-she's the tallest number on the clock. :)

Christy said...

Sweet friend I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and you know that I do.

This will pass, just like everything else has. If you want to escape for coffee tonight Starbucks is open late!!

Diane said...

I'm qualified to respond, I'm one of those who's life has struggles. Everyone does.

Wishing sunny days for you.