Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Twins!!!

I should have known what I was getting myself into when I received lots of laughs and sarcastic chuckles upon telling folks that M and M were having a slumber party with 12 guests. Yes, you heard right. That is 14 GIRLS including the twins. What in the heck was I thinking? It started off fine. They all arrived at 5:30, we fed them pizza, let the twins open gifts, made ice cream sundaes, and then put a movie on complete with popcorn. For some reason, around 11pm things got crazy. I had one girl crying because she missed her parents, one girl rolling her eyes telling me she was bored, and a pack of girls in Meredith's bedroom calling boys. Yes, you read that right. The only reason I know this is because one of them called on MY cell phone and when I answered he asked me "why do yall keep calling me". I tried to be the cool mom and give all the girls a mature response to this. Let me tell you that talking to 10 and 11 year old girls when they outnumber you is POINTLESS!!! Anyway, around 1:25am I made my way up to the bonus room for the 5th time and told them it was time to go to bed. They were apparently having a singing contest and promised me they were almost done. At about this time my husband finally made it home. Yes, I agreed to let him go out thinking it would be easier that way and he wouldn't be underfoot. He saw how exhausted I was and told me to go to bed and he would take care of things. I got in bed and tried to close my eyes. The next thing you know I hear what sounded like a herd of cattle rushing for the back door along with screams and shrieks. Apparently he said something to them and they took it as an invitation to grab all sleeping bags and assorted blankets and truck it out to the trampoline. I was livid. I managed to get them all back inside and upstairs. I gave Greg a glare that I am sure he will never forget and went back to bed. Ten minutes later I hear another herd of cattle and my fridge being opened and closed, chip bags being opened, girls chattering, tv blaring! I LOST it....I went out and told everyone in a firm mean mommy voice that they had to go to bed. It was 3am people!!!! Never again will I do this. I got a grand total of four hours of sleep. Now I know why my mom always said slumber parties were not a good idea!! Next time I will listen to that advice and we will go to a location far away from my house and pay a small fortune to make a mess somewhere else! :( Enjoy the pictures of the party before it got wild and crazy.....

Thankfully it was not raining, so most of the eating was done outside on the patio!!!

Who knew that pizza and non-caffienated beverages makes 10 and 11 year old girls this hyper?? I certainly didn't!

Let the gift opening begin.....

Madeline with one of the many cute gifts she received!

Meredith and Lindsey ( doorbells for your room anyone?)

Thank God for my neighbor and good friend Stacy. She not only videoed for me, but also went and picked up the SEVEN pizzas, AND stayed at my house until after 11pm keeping me sane!!!!

Sweet girls with non-stop energy!!!

I can't believe they are 11!!! We had ice cream sundaes instead of cake!!

Completely full on sugar!!!

**** The best part of the party was when it was OVER! I was then able to leave for one of the most fabulous weekends ever! More on that in my next post, complete with pictures!!! ****


Christy said...


I will never do that.

Thanks for the advance warning LOL

I can't believe those girls! I guess I can remember my slumber parties growing up as being wild... but 3 am?!?!

Kearsmom said...

Oh Andrea! You really should've talked to me before you did that! I could have helped you!

No, I don't mean physically helped you. No way I would've hung out with fourteen 10 and 11 year old girls!! I could have helped you BEFOREHAND with serious advice!

Poor Andrea! I'm so sorry! :)