Sunday, October 26, 2008

My most fabulous weekend!

I have been itching to post about last weekend (the 18-19th). After somehow surviving the twins party, I got to leave all of that behind and head off on a girls trip with my fab friend Cecilia. You have to know a few things about Cecilia and me. Whenever we are together, it usually involves several mandatory activities:

1. Eating ( we are huge fans)
2. Shopping ( again...HUGE fans)
3. Lots and lots of girl talk!
4. Finding the most ridiculous things to laugh about :)

We started off about noon. We made a Pit stop at Arby's for a delicious roast beef sandwich and some curly fries!!! I also enjoyed a HUGE diet Pepsi to try and pump myself with enough caffiene to stay awake for the upcoming concert!!

We arrived at our hotel that my wonderful hubby picked out for us. It was brand new and very nice!
After getting all of 4 hours of sleep after that blasted ( I mean wonderful) slumber party, this is all I wanted to do!!!

Cecilia however wanted to read me all of the inaccuracies in the Mormon Bible!!!

Following my lesson in Mormon doctrine, we decided to get dressed and go partake in one of our favorite activities...eating! We ate dinner at Mary Mahoneys! It was so good. We asked our waiter to take our picture. He told us he would take one with a clean table and one of us fighting over our dessert! Huh? We thought he was pretty funny!

Fighting over the raspberry cheesecake! YUM YUM!

Friends Forever!!!

Check out the Micheal Buble' backdrop! The lady taking our picture suggested we get that in the picture! Good idea!

MICHEAL BUBLE'...well he did not disappoint. That man can SING!!! He even sang the last few notes of his encore without a mike. He WAS incredible!!!! ***Click this picture to see a good upclose view of his face!!!!

Adoring fans...most of which were female..hmm..wonder why???

You can see his awesome band behind him. He had this slanted stage that he would walk up and slide down. It was FABULOUS!!!

The concert was over around 11ish. We made it back to our hotel. We were tired but in great spirits. For some reason, we found a sign in the elevator particularly amusing. Something about "if you would like to read a copy of the elevator inspection notice, check at the front desk". We laughed and laughed about this. I promise we were not intoxicated...well maybe a little on Buble'!!! Ha!

The next morning we tried to sleep in but 8am was about all we could manage. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and stuffed ourselves silly with Belgian waffles and omelets!!! Told ya we like to eat! After that we loaded the car and headed off to another one of our favorites...SHOPPING. We shopped for four hours and managed to get several great deals. I even found jeans that fit me and was so happy the saleslady had to tell me to calm down!!! ;) After that we decided to eat...AGAIN...

Here we are at Chili's. We shared the best quesadillas and a divine chocolate chip cake thing. We really know how to pack it in!!!

We drove home listening to Micheal Buble' cd's and talking non-stop. Of course, that was after I discovered that the perfect jeans I had bought were the wrong size and we had to turn around and go exchange them. You see, that is the type of friend that CC is....she didn't get mad at me, laugh, or anything. She just immediately turned the car around and headed back toward the shopping area. :) God blessed me the day that our mutual friend canceled her plans to have dinner with us. We discovered that night 10 years ago that we had alot in common and have been best buds ever since!!! She is the only friend that has visited me in every town that we have moved to! What a girl! Love ya C!!! Can't wait till our next trip!


Christy said...

I am glad you had fun and got a chance to RELAX!!! and shop lol

Jen said...

I so love girlfriend trips..they are so important to me. I'm so glad you had so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Mormons use the King James Bible which I understand to be an acceptable version of the Bible.

SB in MI