Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Break!


This past weekend, Meredith got to go to the beach with her friend for a birthday party! Greg told me he would take the other two kids to North MS for our nephews baseball tournament. I just about did a cartwheel down the street. I texted CC and told her to cancel whatever plans she might have. We were spending all day Saturday doing whatever we felt like. I slept in and then we met for lunch at Newks. It was POURING rain, but nothing could dampen my excitement. After lunch, we went to the movies and saw 'Ghost of Girlfriends Past'. It was a mindless chick flick but who cares. We then did some shopping ( correction..she did most of the shopping, while I just told her yea or neigh on things)!!! Then we had dinner at a Mexican rest. ( this may or may not have been because we wanted margaritas)!!! Then we came back to my house and laid around upstairs talking and watching 'Walk the Line' which is one of my favorite movies! It was a GREAT weekend. Sometimes it is just so nice to have a quiet house and no schedule that you have to adhere to. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially all my mommy friends! Super Busy graduation, recital week....I am ready for you!!! :)

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Kearsmom said...

Yea for free time! I need some of that!

It was great to see you tonight. I thought Banana did a wonderful job, but then, I know I am prejudiced!

And your girls were absolute angels!