Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twins 5th Grade Graduation

Yesterday was a big day in our house. The twins *graduated* from 5th grade. Apparently this is a big deal nowadays. I never graduated from 5th grade so this was new! Anyway, it was the day that never ended. We hopped from one thing to another. I got terrible pictures inside the auditorium. The lighting was really bad. We went out to lunch with a big group of their friends and they had a great time being silly! After that, we met another group at the pool to swim. The water was very cold but they could have cared less. The twins and I raced home after that, changed, and made it out to a recital. It was a LONG day, but a fun one!

I gave the girls earrings to match their new dresses and a makeup bag with....MASCARA! They can wear it for special occasions. :)


Waiting for the event to begin:


Meredith and her best friend Ally:


Twins with their friends Haley and Kaleigh....we thought it was cute how the 4 of them color coordinated


The twins with Kasey and Randi Lane:


More Friends (notice the blonde twins on the end...I was in the twins club with their mommy):


With Principal Ross ( wouldn't want to be on his bad side):


Proud Mommy and girls:


Outside PF Changs:


Jumpin for Joy...schools out!!


Pool Time:



Christy said...

They looked beautiful!!

Can you believe you have SIXTH GRADERS!?!?!

lol ;)

Kearsmom said...

Fun pictures! Fun day, even if it was long!

Anonymous said...

wow,double pleasure.