Saturday, May 16, 2009

Projects and a Fiesta!

We are winding down here...the school year that is. I am actually a little sad today, but in the spirit of moving along, I will try to stay positive. For some reason unknown to me, the 5th grade teachers gave the kids another project that was due on Friday. They each had to choose a state and create a moveable exhibit with facts, info, items related to the state, etc. Of course, that means we had to do two. Meredith chose TX (bless the girl)! Fortunately, I am from that state and my sweet mom was able to send me a bunch of stuff including a very old but still great Dallas cowboys helmet! Madeline chose New York! NEW YORK??? Thankfully, she was able to have a partner and all I did was go to Hobby Lobby and buy New York themed stickons and some fake roses which are the state flower. They decorated their wagon and we downloaded 'New York New York' for the girls to play as they all paraded their "floats" for the lower elementary school.

In other news, Noah had a FIESTA to end his preschool year. The kids played games, jumped in the space jumps, and ate tacos! I have to say that when I dropped him off yesterday morning, I teared up thinking that it was my last time to be at that school. We have loved every minute there and he has had two years of fabulous teachers and great little friends.

Here are some pictures:

Meredith ( TEXAS complete with pink sequin cowgirl hat):


Madeline and Shelby ( NEW YORK):


Meet Diego:


He is a fun loving senor that enjoys playing mexican bingo:


Noah and his precious PRE-K teachers...Ms. Donna and Ms. Jill:


So Long Preschool....Hello Kindergarten:



Kearsmom said...

Those floats at great! but what was that teacher thinking?!?! Who does a project the last week of school??? Ugh!

By the way...I hope to see you this week. We are going to miss you so much!

Christy said...

I am thinking the same thing as Kearsmom!!! A PROJECT the last week of school!?!?!?

They looked adorable!!

Now that the school year is winding down we need to compare schedules and plan a visit :)