Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gulf Shores Day Two:

We started the next day off bright and early. CC made us breakfast ( how nice is that...her vacation and she is making ME breakfast)!!! Then we sunscreened up, put our suits on, and headed out. First stop...LAZY RIVER:

The Lazy River is FABULOUS. It is about 1 1/2 ft deep so it is perfect for kids. The bottom is made of metal so you literally can sit on it and float along, but it doesn't tear your swimsuit. I could have sat on that tube for HOURS!


Noah and Me:


CC and Lindsey:


Then it was off to the pool! They have THREE slides in the pool that we went to. There is a really big one that most of the older kids monopolize and then there are two smaller ones.

CC and I with the big slide behind us ( yes we actually went down it too):


I tried to get Noah to go down the slide, but he did not want to. I begged him and he agreed if I stood in the water and caught him sooooo:

***Note to self...not a good idea to stand beneath a slide that propels its riders into the water with alot of force. So long hat!


I was so proud of him:


And folks that is all it took! I showed him that all he had to do was swim to the side and that was it:


Over and over all by himself. I got to sit on my lounge chair and read magazines about fashion tips, summer movies, and how much Kate Gosselin spends on her manicures and tanning sessions....ahhhh ;) :


Lindsey ( CC took this pic and I thought it was so neat.) She was the daredevil going down backwards, on her tummy, etc:


Here is CC going down the slide! I went down it too, but my pic is just a HUGE splash of water. Not something I want to share. We actually raced a few times, proving the slides are definitely not just for kids!!


After dragging Noah away from the slides, we headed up to the condos and ate lunch, showered, and got ready to go. We went to a place called the Wharf. CC and I saw 'The Proposal'..super cute movie. Noah and Lindsey saw 'Imagine If' and Kaleb saw 'Transformers'. After that, we rode the ferris wheel.

Noah and Me:


CC and Lindsey:


**Funny note...when we were circling around on the ferris wheel, I thought I saw one of my neighbors children. When we got off, we saw that it was them. Small world!

The four of us waiting for Kaleb to get out of the movies:


We ate dinner at a little Mexican place. It wasn't the best I have ever had, but it was quick and easy. After that, we headed back to the condo. It was nearly 10pm, but Noah and Lindsey weren't through with their day. It was back to the slides:

There he goes climbing those stairs. I am quite sure he burned off at least 1000 calories. He went up those stairs a million times. I knew he would love it once he tried it!


Swimming at night is the best:


** On a side note, while we were in the bathroom at the movies we heard someone say that Micheal Jackson had died. I quickly checked my iphone and found out that it was true. I can't believe it. I remember in 6th grade how infatuated I was with him. We all tried to do the moonwalk and dance to his songs. One of my very favorite movies is '13 going on 30' and the best scene is where Jennifer Garner and Co. do the Thriller dance. It makes me sad, because I truly believe he was a very lost soul. :( It makes me feel old too!

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