Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Navarre Beach Trip 2009 Part One

We arrived home safely this past Saturday after a 10 day trip. It was alot of fun, but there is truly no place like home. I was so happy to sleep in my own bed. I am slowly getting things unpacked, washed, and put away. I don't have a ton of photos which is so unlike me. I left my CF card at home for my good camera so all I had was my Canon Powershot. Most days, I just didn't feel like dragging it out and as you can see, I have little people who do not like to cooperate. Here are some pictures of our trip that I did manage to snap:

We actually stayed in Daphne, AL for 2 days just to go ahead and get closer to the beach. The kids swam in the hotel pool and I did some shopping. Friday night, we drove to Gulf Shores to meet our friends The Smiths at 'The Hangout'. I Heart that place!!!! We also got ice cream at 'Scoops' and played a round of miniature golf. It was lots of fun!!!

Our Kids


Rebecca and Me:


Our Family:


We stayed in Navarre Beach this year. I did lots of research and found that this beach is known for being less crowded and commercialized. Truly, there are only 2 places to eat across the bridge and it has alot less condos. I still thought the beaches were crowded though and we ran across some snobby people who thought they owned the stretch of sand! The condo was nice. We had lots of space and the view was gorgeous. My parents joined us for the trip and we had a great time. It went by so fast though. We spent most of our days at the pool and/or beach. There was a very short walk to the beach which was probably the best thing. The funniest thing was that there was a lady who my mom and I nicknamed "the hawk", who sat under a covering near the pool and watched everyone as they went by. You had to have a bracelet on to be in the pool area and boy did she make sure that everyone followed through with that rule! It was annoying.


Noah ( the water was GORGEOUS)


Most of the nights we cooked in the condo or got pizza. One night we went to a place called 'Floyds'. It was ok!

Yep, this is what I get when I try to take a picture!!!


Part 2 tomorrow...

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