Friday, July 03, 2009

So hard to leave.....


Noah and I had such a fabulous time in Gulf Shores with CC and her kids. It was the perfect getaway and I owe it all to my sweet friend. She was so generous in allowing us to invade her space and time there. I love you girl!!!! :)

We took our time driving home. We stopped for lunch at 'The Oyster House' in Mobile. I decided to leave my camera in the car. We also stopped in Hattiesburg and went to the 'Forever 21' store at the mall there. I love to order from their website and it was nice to know there is one not too far away. We both got 2 super cute, CHEAP dresses. LOVE IT!

I was sad to say goodbye to our lovely vacation, but glad to get home and see Greg. This week has been a time of getting clothes washed, keeping Noah entertained, and being lazy. I have to pack back up again on Monday and head to Georgia to get the twins. I have enjoyed my 2 weeks and I know they have had a blast with my parents!

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