Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Did someone declare it "whiney day"?

Seriously!!! All 3 of my children woke up with a bad case of it! The twins were incredibly hard to pull out of bed...yes I said PULL!!! Then they complained about what we had to eat, complained and whined about their clothes, whined about how tired they were, etc. Noah whined because I couldn't "hold" him. He did this while I was driving and I tried to explain to him that mommy can't hold him and drive at the same time!!! Then he whined because he said his shoes didn't match his outfit. I don't know whether I should be more upset about the whining or that he was worried about color combinations!!!!! Good grief! No one was happier then I after dropping all of them at their respective schools! I got myself a LARGE at Seattle Drip and ran to the grocery for a few things. Since it is "whiney day", then I will not buck the trend. My whine is this: why are organic and "healthy" foods so darn expensive??? why does Brookshires *insist* on taking your groceries (even if you only have 3 things) to the car for you???, and why do big large vans always seem to park next to me and make it incredibly hard to pull out??? OK, back to regular Wednesday. I declare "whiney day" officially over! ;)


Katrice said...

I agree! Today was picture day at school and they had to wear a specific white shirt and be there a little early. Well...two three year olds did not appreciate this change in their routine and the whining and crying began! I'm praying I pick up two happy little boys at 11:30! :)

Katrice said...
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Christy said...

I am right there with you!

Laura Grace was whiny for understandable reasons.

Layton was whiny because he wanted my coffee.

Clay was whiny because he had to stay home with a sick child.

I was whiny myself because it was fun! LOL

Jen in MS said...

LOL Andrea! Noah and his shoes.....that's something else!

Yes, organic foods are too expensive!

I hope you enjoyed your coffee in peace!

Please post some more pics of your house! Pretty please!