Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend Fun...

I am alone in my house so I thought I would blog! This week just flew by! It seems like I say that alot now! It is shaping up to be a nice weekend, but a busy one. Last night was an evening my girls have been looking forward to. Can you guess what it was? They have been counting the days until the debut of 'High School Musical 2'. We were invited across the street to a HSM party! Apparently, the whole neighborhood decided to come too. I was quite impressed that my new friend S had this at her home. It was packed with kids running everywhere, popcorn all over the floor, and lots of great food! We had a really fun time and I am starting to feel like I know more of my neighbors now. This morning the twins had their first soccer practice of the season. Dad took them so I will be anxious to hear about it when they return. This afternoon, they are headed to a pool party at one of their friends homes. I am going to take them to that and it will be fun to visit with some of the other moms. Tonight, we have a sitter coming and are going to meet some friends for dinner. Tomorrow will be church and hopefully some REST! Greg is headed out on Monday for a week to go to a meeting in CA! It would happen to be a week when I have school functions on two of those nights! Oh well, we will manage. I hope all my friends and family enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend! :)


Linda said...

Sounds like a busy weekend but a fun one.

Jen in MS said...

Hey Andrea,
My girls were also counting down the days to High School Musical!! About an hour before the show, a storm blew in and our power went off. The girls were freaking out! Britt called his sister to arrange for them a place to watch just in case. Fortunately, the power came back on in plenty of time. Little did I know that it would run again at least two more times that weekend! LOL