Thursday, August 30, 2007

Painting & Pointless Trips to the Mall....

What a title!!! LOL I couldn't think of anything else to call my assortment of stories. This morning after I dropped Noah off, I went to Different Strokes to meet some of the neighborhood gals. They have a coffee get together every Friday morning and one of them had suggested we paint coffee mugs. I got there late which as a newbie, I should have known better. It is always best to arrive on time when you don't know everyone. It was kind of awkward when I walked in and they were already all painting and chatting. Let me clarify that they are all extremely NICE, it is just me who feels like the outsider. I have to kind of sense my way around the group and know exactly when to talk and when to just shut up and listen. Does anyone understand that awkward feeling of being the new kid on the block??? Somehow, I managed to paint a decent mug. I chose to do some sort of glaze thing that is very simple. I hope it turns out ok. There were a couple of times where I said things and then wondered if people thought I was an idiot!!! I HATE THAT FEELING!!! I just don't know them well enough yet! To make matters worse, the one I am closest to did not show up. Oh well, I survived and I should have a cute mug to show for it!!!

After the painting party, I ran to the mall. I have been out of my hairspray for almost two weeks and the only reason I went to the mall was so I could go to Trade Secret. Well wouldn't you know it, their debit card system was down and of course I DIDN'T have my checkbook. I tried to go get cash out at the ATM machine nearby, but they were down as well. I left without my hair products and trying not to throw a mini temper-tantrum!!! Somedays are good, somedays are great, and some like today you just shrug your shoulders and thank the Lord for a house you can retreat to! ;)


Diane said...

A- the woman have every reason to like you. We all say things and think- ugh, I shouldn't have said that. Good for you for getting out there and meeting your neighbors, I think it's awesome thing for your neighbors to do. :)

Hope you're able to get the hairspray today. ;)


Jen in MS said...

Hey Andrea,
I can definitely relate! Those debit cards can really cause some trouble! We were in the line at a fast food joint when the credit card thingy quit working. We had no cash and no check-book with us. We had to drive away....ticked, because they should have told us before we ordered. Anyway, we went across the street and got food and all was well. I need to tuck some cash away to keep in my wallet at all times!

Christy said...

I hate computers!!!

I completely understand about feeling awkward-but of course that is one thing we bonded over from the beginning! We both felt really awkward in the playgroup but I don't see why you should ;)
You are such an awesome friend, I would love to have you as my neighbor!!