Friday, November 30, 2007

I learned a few things about myself this week:

1. I CAN teach a tap class!

2. I CAN teach a jazz class!

3. I CAN make it through a one hour ballet/tap class with NO voice, 14 rowdy little preschoolers running in circles, a precocious 5 yr old telling me that I skipped her favorite song, shoe changes (for all 14) , and constant potty breaks!!!

4. Most importantly....I AM more then just a mom. I am a qualified and capable dance teacher and I LOVE it! ;)


Christy said...


I guess that answers my question about what age group!

Diane said...

I wish you could be Emma's teacher- that would be a DREAM!

Ashley said...

I LOVE dance! I took for many years. Do you have a degree or did you just decide to teach?