Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Has the world stopped spinning? ANDREA did not take ONE single picture during her entire visit home!!!! I am surprised and disappointed in myself! I don't know what was wrong. Well, I take that back....I got a bad cold about halfway through and never felt like myself the rest of the trip! Needless to say, we still had a great time. It was fun to hang out with family, eat lots of good food, watch movies, and football ( how about those dawgs???)!!! We got home Saturday night and here it is Monday again!!!! As I look at my planner, I can't believe how busy my days are about to get. I have agreed to sub for someone this week ( dance classes). I don't know what I was thinking, except that it is important that I do this for future possibilities!!! The girls have several choir performances coming up, Basketball and cheer practice starts TODAY, Meredith is getting spacers Wed and then braces next week, and then I have to find some time to decorate my house in the next few days!!!! Oh and I didn't even mention the Christmas shopping that needs to take place!!!! It will all get done....with God's help!

*** I have said it before and I will say it again. If you haven't seen BBC's 'North and South', then you simply must! We watched it again over the holiday and it is soooooo good. My SIL watched it for the first time and LOVED it. I haven't loaned it to anyone that hasn't thought it was great!!!! So, if you need a good movie to curl up under a blanket and drink hot chocolate while watching it, this is the one!!!!! PS....I think I upset my husband when he caught my mom, SIL, sister, and me watching Richard A. on youtube!!! ;)


Christy said... have motivated me to surf youtube next LOL

Andrea said...

Well since you replied about it, let me just say....there is LOTS of stuff! Just type in Richard Armitage..........oh my!!! ;)