Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas at my house!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of my house decorated for Christmas.

The Keeping Room ( I need to let the kids put some ornaments on the tree):

My living room ( notice Meredith's very GREEN room in the background ? ):

Closer look at my tree ( I promise to let my kids hang all of their ornaments...that is why it is a little bare...we haven't had time). I am in LOVE with my new finds...the green sparkly branches and the confetti copper balls. I found them at Thanksgiving in AL! I didn't buy enough though....when will I ever learn??


Jen in MS said...

Great pictures! Your house is gorgeous! And I love your new balls on the tree!

How are you enjoying your new house and the neighborhood?

Andrea said...



We love our house. I am constantly pinching myself and just thanking the Lord for blessing us with it. The neighborhood is AWESOME. I have made several "friendships" already. We do a twice monthly ladies coffee, and I carpool for preschool with one mom. This coming Sunday, Santa is making a visit across the street and so we will be going to that party as well!!! Thanks for asking Jen. I appreciate it! :) I knew you'd be interested since you were one of my prayer warriors. YES, you were right...God's timing is ALWAYS best!!! THANK YOU !!!

Christy said...

I love your mantle!! Very pretty :)

Ashley said...

Everything looks awesome! So pretty.