Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa visits the neighborhood (early)!!!

This past Sunday, Santa made a stop at our little neighborhood party! The kids were delighted, however much to my dismay not one of them asked for a thing that I have gotten them! In fact, Madeline asked for a DOG! HELP!
Noah asked for Batman stuff!!! WHAT????? Everyword out of his mouth for the past month has had something to do with STAR WARS!!!

Madeline asking for a CHIHUAHUA! Uh, say what???

Meredith asked for an Instant Messenger thing that I had briefly considered getting! What about the IPOD she has been begging for, not to mention the certain gift that I have been getting anxiety attacks over?

Greg and I pasting smiles on our face, all the while wondering where our children came up with their wish lists!!! ;)


Christy said...

Well, at least the pictures turned out ADORABLE!!!

I love the top you are wearing...

I had fun this morning :)

Can I come by this evening and get the Frosty video? We left it at your house (of course). YOu could just put it on your porch if you decide to go to the cookie swap.

Poor you.

Jen in MS said...

LOL! That's why I don't have my kids makes wish lists and such. I pretty much get them what I want them to have because their wish lists changes SO often! My girls talked ALL summer about these certain baby dolls. They practically wore the pages off the magazine. SO, I bought them several months ago and do you think they've mentioned a word about them??? NO. But they also haven't mentioned a Wii so they have no clue they are getting that. They are always totally surprised by what they get, but then again, they are always so appreciative too.

I'm sure your kiddos will be tickled with whatever they get....minus the dog thing!! LOL

Cute pictures!

Merry Christmas!