Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to the Barre....

Yesterday was my return to teaching. Oh how I have enjoyed my summer break, but it went by far too quickly! I thought I was ready though to get back into the swing of things. Monday is going to be my long day. I teach 4 classes in a row with NO break. I know that doesn't sound like alot, but when you are teaching dance and have to be peppy and energetic, it is a LONG LONG afternoon. Here are my thoughts on my first day back:

1. 18 three and four year olds is too many and enough to make one want to run and hide.

2. 19 five and six year olds is also way too many. It will make you want to cry for your own mommy!!!!

3. Putting the numbers I listed above in tap shoes is enough to make you want to numb your eardrums.

4. Most 3 year olds do not understand the concept of making a circle.

5. If one child needs to go to the potty, suddenly they all do.

6. Certain children think it is funny to pull their nametag off and just throw it on the floor.....for no apparent reason. Those same children think the ballet barre is really MONKEY BARS!!!

7. By the time you get to your last class which is Ballet 2/3, you want to hug every one of those girls because they do what you say and can actually DANCE!!!



Jen said...

Madison too ballet for 7 years and jazz/tap for 8. We even did troupe and traveled....it was tiring....she finally decided she was done...but I so enjoyed her solos and recitals....I miss those days.

Kearsmom said...

Hahaha......Yeah, I remember Jimmy's thoughts about the 3 and 4 year old recital. All those tap shoes jumping up and down making as much noise as possible...

You should enjoy Thursday afternoon, huh??

Christy said...

I am sorry!!!!

You are so brave and I think that the class numbers are RIDICULOUS!!!