Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lord, grant me energy ( and patience)...

Being a ballet teacher requires lots of things. It requires ability, skill, a good understanding of technique ( which just because you took dance for 10 years doesn't mean you have), patience, and when dealing with young children, TONS and TONS of energy! I can usually be the peppiest of people, but Mondays are testing me big time. To start with, my classes are HUGE and let's just say that me and eighteen 3 & 4 year olds doesn't always go well. Here are some excerpts from this past Monday:

~ I always go in the studio early and take my time getting my shoes on and thinking through my class...oh who am I kidding...I pray, pace, breathe in and out and tell myself that it is just 4 hours!!! Anyway, I am sitting there in the CLOSED studio putting my tap shoes on and this dad barges in with his daughter and just stares at me " uh ..oh...she just wanted me to see her classroom". I nod and we just stare at each other and he very quietly backs up and closes the door behind him....AWKWARD!!!

~ I turn my back for one minute to put the music on and one *precious* little girl decides to be a monkey on the barres and when I run over to grab her off, I realize she has left scuff marks from her tap shoes ALL.OVER.THE.WALLS! Grumble grumble!!!!

~ Another *precious* one REFUSES to hold my hand in the circle. I have never in all my 18 years of teaching had someone NOT want to hold my hand. They usually fight to actually hold it. Yes, it might have hurt my feelings a teenzy tiny bit!

~ On that note however, I do not want to hold the hand of a child that has just coughed and sneezed all over it! ICK!

~ I had several little girls that went to the bathroom and came back undressed! Lovely!

~ No, I do not give suckers after EACH class. That is a special treat and "wouldn't you rather a stamp on your hand"? Uh....NO!

Fun days ahead I tell you....;)


Jen said...

But oh how those mothers love you to have that time to

Kearsmom said...

Sounds fun. NOT. hehe.

Christy said...


I really , truly feel sorry for you because I know what that is like!!

Well, not the dancing part but the whole teaching a herd of three and four year olds part.

And sadly, my daughter was one of the ones who used to ask where the suckers are!?!?!? when given a stamp.

Oh, and one time she flipped head over heels over the barre and cracked her head on the floor.

Poor Crystal. Poor you.