Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tomorrow is the day....

5th grade!!!! Can you believe it???

We met the teachers last night and dropped off supplies. Madeline has a male teacher ( but he seemed VERY nice and he is apparently a great math teacher...hallelujah...thank you Jesus). Meredith got the "most desired" teacher and is in the same class with a bunch of friends including a neighbor. The teacher is even letting them all sit together for now! Stay tuned for first day pics tomorrow!!!!


Christy said...

I had a male teacher in fifth grade and he seriously was one of the BEST teachers I have ever had! I hope her experience is similar!

Your girls are so sweet though, I am sure they will do great!!



They are getting big!!!!

Kearsmom said...

Ditto what Christy said! In fact, I STILL stay in touch with that teacher. 30 years later!