Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Noah's First Field Trip

Yesterday was a day that we have been waiting for. Noah was going on his first field trip. I was giddy with the fact that I would actually get to be apart of one of my children's field trip experiences. You see, I rarely went on the twins due to the fact that I had an active toddler running around. Now that I am free as a bird ( ha ha), I am determined to participate. Anyway, the morning started out fine. Noah and I got to the school and I stood there chatting with the teacher wondering why I was the only parent. Finally another mother came in and said to the teacher "see you in an hr". Ah ha......I obviously did not read the info correctly. Typical! When we did make it to the actual field trip, it was enjoyable, but extremely hot. Why I didn't have the foresight to pack water bottles to drink, I will never know! I also endured listening to one mother who talked my ear off about how her older child is so intelligent, but the teacher won't put him in the gifted program because he isn't getting his work done. The mom said it is because he is bored. I tried to listen politely, but gosh it was hard!!! Anyway here are some pics from our day! Exciting stuff around here......

Guess what color we had to wear?

Can you spot my boy? I noticed there are lots of blonde boys in his class!

Noah in front of the helicopter!

Doing what little boys like to in the dirt!

Here he is listening oh so patiently to the men explaining what the helicopter does. Notice the fact that his hair is drenched with sweat and sticking to his face!

Noah and his class in front of the heli...they got stickers.

Checking out the heli....


Jen said...

Very cute. I used to love those field trips. We are going on a play date today to tour some BIG vehicles......a dump truck, helicopter, army tank..should be fun.

Christy said...

how fun!!

Noah has gotten so big!