Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Weekend Post:

I can't believe it is already Sunday afternoon. That means that Monday is coming soon. Mondays are my tough days. I have to get everyone going again for the week, and I have a long teaching afternoon. The weekend went by so fast. Yesterday was busy with different things and the kids all had soccer games. Madeline and Meredith are now playing on this HUGE soccer field. Seriously, compared to last is LARGE! They played so hard yesterday and were both redfaced. Noah had his first game and apparently he likes pile-ups. Does anyone think football might be in his future? We had the inlaws over for dinner. I.AM.TIRED !!!

For the past few weeks, we have been attending church at the place that we were members at about two years ago. I never wanted to leave there! Ever since then, we have been the roaming church goers! Anyway, Greg's parents go there now and they are so happy when we come and sit with them. Also, all of our friends there have been so nice and receptive. We went out to lunch with a few of them today and it was great. I am just ready to belong somewhere and get settled. I think our children need that. I am praying that God will work all the details out! :)


Christy said...

Please call me tomorrow!!


I hate that we played phone tag on Friday.

Kearsmom said... did have a full weekend. I'm so sorry we slowed you down! My bad! I'll pay closer attention from now on!

And I hope you find the right church home for your family soon!