Monday, September 22, 2008

What a weekend....

Sit back folks while I tell you all about my crazy weekend! Yes, I said crazy! Greg and I went to Atlanta for the weekend without kids. Most of Friday was spent cleaning my house and getting everyone packed. I checked the girls out of school early and drove them to my inlaws. Once the three kiddos were settled, I came back home to finish packing my bags. I thought we were leaving at a certain time, but I should have known to always tack an extra 2 hrs on because my time and DH's time are completely different. FINALLY...we got on the road. We enjoyed the first part of the trip talking and listening to good music. About 9pm, we stopped for dinner at a Cracker Barrel in a small town that shall remain nameless ( it was in the state of AL). Dinner was fine, and we got back in the car and planned to get gas since we were on Empty. We drive up to the first gas. Drive up to the next station....bags on the gas. At this point, I am getting a little nervous. We decide to try the next exit. We drive and drive and realize that may have been the last exit for awhile. We turn around to go back to the same town and I am starting to panic. I envision us stranded on the side of the the dark....and a serial killer pulling over to *help* us. Greg is not too sympathetic to my state of anxiety. We try the other side of the interstate. NO FREAKIN GAS ANYWHERE. Greg says we should pray..."buddy what do you think I have been doing for the last 25 mins?". He tells me to stop chewing my fingernails too. We stop at yet another empty gas station and he goes in to ask what the deal is. Apparently the whole town is without gas due to demand at the hurricane ( yeah the hurricane that landed on the other side of the coast). He gets a tip that Walmart might have some. We race over there and YES God has answered our prayer. We get in line. We are the 5th car in one of the lines. The man pumping takes FOREVER! The next lady..bless her older woman...she took at least 10 mins to go pay for her gas.....10 mins to figure out how to work the machine.....12 mins to pump...and then she realized that she didn't get a receipt...another 8plus mins to go ask for a receipt. I. AM . LIVID and there is no sign of Christ-likeness in my behavior. The next a bit better but still slow. THEN....the truck in front of us...oh my goodness....I kid you not....there were two men driving the truck and then in the back of the truck were two shirtless boys. I think this was there idea of a good time. He pumped 10$....yes 10$ into a truck and left. I have no idea where he was going with 10$ in a gas guzzling truck...nor do I care...but it was just too weird. Actually every person at that station was strange which is why the town shall remain nameless. We pumped our gas and Greg got out of that station so could hear the tires squeal. We vowed never to stop in that town again...EVER!!! We finally made it to the Atlanta area. where we may or may not have missed our turn and drove around the city in circles past midnight. I did finally go to sleep around 1am. The bed was blissfully comfortable. The next morning we got up and met my parents, my sister, and my younger brother at the Ga Tech/MSU game. Let me just state here and now that I have never been more embarassed to be a State fan then I was at this game. It was HORRID! We left before it ended. Greg and I drove to Macon to stay with my parents and from that point on, we had a great weekend. We hung out, visted, ate good food, watched LSU win ( yeah), and just had a lovely time. We got back home about 7 last night. To say that I am tired is an understatement and to say that I am looking forward to my 4 hrs of teaching would be a total lie. So I will just end with a few pics ( I intended to take more...but you know how that goes):

Nice stadium that Ga Tech has and they also have some very nice fans! Seriously!

My brother Nathan and Greg

Me, my sister Kiki, and my mom ( Kiki is probably going to disown me for posting this pic...but I thought it was a cute one of the 3 of us)


Jen said...

It sounds like a great weekend minus the little town in AL.....I would have been just like you if it were me....I would have been scared to death.
I'm glad you got to see your family and enjoy a weekend with hubby.

Kearsmom said...

1. I have a guess as to which town this was. There are only so many "little towns" in Al. with Cracker Barrels, LOL.

2. Macon???? That's where my brother lives. That's where I went to college.

We are really long lost best friends! hehe

Christy said...

gotta love little towns.



I would have been hyperventilating and yelling as well!!!

Ashley said...

How old is your brother, and is he single? I think my sister would go well with him.... :o)