Friday, November 10, 2006

It is never a good time......

It is never "convenient" to have a sick child. It always seems to occur on a day when you actually have plans. Meredith came downstairs on Wednesday crying and telling me her throat hurt. I instantly knew it was strep. We got in to see the dr but had to wait for over an hour in the office. I was about to scream! I can't stand sitting and staring at the wall and of course, I also had my 3 yr old so that was incredibly fun!!!! She did indeed have strep and that meant two days of no school. I had plans for Thursday that I had to cancel but such is the life of a mother, right? Meredith went back to school today and I am praying that we can all stay well for awhile. I would really like to get through the holiday season with our health!

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Jennifer said...

I can SO relate!
And I hate sitting forever at the doctor's office, ESPECIALLY with a toddler!
I hope the rest of you stay well! My kiddos just got over colds/sore throats and it was no picnic!
And yes, sickness always happens when you have plans!