Tuesday, November 21, 2006

There was a crazy woman at Walmart today!!!

This mother must have had a temporary moment of insanity to think that she could go to Walmart TWO days before Thanksgiving, with all 3 kids in tow! When she got to the store, the three year old started screaming because he wanted to get on the little carousel ride that Walmart has so *kindly* put right by the carts. The mother said no and proceeded to buckle him into the shopping cart. Then the three year old started crying again because he didn't want either of his sisters to push the cart, but they were insistant upon doing it anyway, As the mother navigated her way through the store, she had to tell her twin daughters on numerous occasions to watch where they were going so as not to walk right into the MANY people that were shopping that day. When the group finally made its way around to the food section, she discovered that Walmart was out of all fat free organic milk, which was one of the reasons that she made this ridiculous trip in the first place. An employee said he would go in the back to check for a new shipment, but 15 minutes later all he could tell the mother was that they had NONE! The mother could feel her blood pressure rising, but she continued on. The twins decided to take that opportunity to try to beg and plead with their mom to buy them a lunchable which would be a rare treat. The mom told them a specific one they could have but of course they managed to come back with something else. The mom held her ground and the twins sulked off, but not before making the mom feel like she was the wicked witch of the south!!! A few aisles later, the 3 year old pushed one of the twins because once again she was trying to "mommy" him and so the girls were told to move on ahead and wait. As the mother was trying to figure out what else was on her list, she heard an argument in the distance. She looked up and much to her dismay, it was her daughters who seemed to think that the frozen food section at Walmart was the perfect time to pick a fight. The mother quickly made her way to them and in order to give them something to do, she sent them off to get some sandwich meat at the deli. They were back one minute later telling her that they just couldn't do it. They said they were too shy to stand in the line. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they made their way to the checkout line. An employee stopped the mom and asked her if she needed a second cart since the first one was practically overflowing and was a struggle to push. The mother had to bite her tongue so as not to say something she would regret. Would it be possible for a 5'1 1/2 inch female to push two carts ( one holding a 3 year old), keep up with the twins, and not manage to plow into innocent bystanders? As she made her way to the checkout line, her cell phone began to ring, AND ring, AND ring. One of the twins asked her mom, why she wasn't going to answer it? That would have been a near impossible feat since the cell phone was in the mother's purse, and the purse was buried two feet under all of the groceries. In the end, the mother managed to get all of her groceries loaded onto the conveyor belt at the register, and $$$.$$ later, it was time to leave. It was with a very THANKFUL heart that she told her kids that this was a prime example of why most mommies shop when their kids are at school! *** In case you didn't realize, the mom in this story was me. No, my kids are not always this unruly. I am just going to tuck this away as one of those bad days that we all have from time to time! Right? ;)


Jennifer said...

LOL!! Oh Andrea, I know how that feels! And after all that work, Wal-mart is notorious for being out of something needed. It happens to me EVERY week and I end up at Kroger. This week, Wal-mart didn't have buttermilk of all things! Such a pain!
Well, I hope you enjoy your groceries you worked so hard for and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Christy said...

You are a BRAVE woman LOL!! I can't imagine sweet Noah EVER pitching a fit ;)
I rarely brave Walmart with one much less two!!