Monday, November 20, 2006

Yes, they are twins!!

Today I had to take the girls to the ENT to have their tonsils looked at. They were quite nervous about the whole thing. I had to explain to them that the doctor was just going to look at them today and if he needed to remove them, it would be on a different date. We dropped little brother off at Paw-Paw's house ( thank GOD) and drove downtown. From the lobby to the elevator, to the dr.'s office, we got asked if they were twins. Now, I understand that sometimes sisters ( or brothers) that are similiar in height, could cause that question to be asked. However, when my girls are standing next to each other in identical coats, with the same hair/eye color and facial features, then I just don't understand the question. I am thinking of making them shirts that say "YES, WE ARE TWINS", and then listing all the stats that are inevitably the next round of questions from curious bystanders. I do not say any of this to be ugly. Maybe if I didn't have twins, I would go around asking the very same thing. I remember when they were babies and we would be in the store or the mall. I would have them in my side by side double stroller wearing identical PINK outfits. I would get " are they twins" all the time. My favorite had to be , "which one is the boy?". Uh, I don't know, the one in the PINK!!!! Ah, life with twins, it may be tiring, it may be crazy, but it is NEVER boring! ;)


Diane said...

A- you are so funny! I think as parents we all get tired of certain questions. I, for one, think twins are so cool that I may be one of those annoying people asking questions. Your girls are undoubtly twins, so I wouldn't ask that question, I would probably ask you different things about their personalities...LOL But you love me and won't get upset with me. :)

All the time, Noah gets asked, what school do you attend, are you out of school because you are sick? , etc...Then it's the, "Why did you choose to hs, what are the laws, etc...So, we all get annoying questions.

I remember having Emma all in pink, pink blanket, ears pierced with PINK earrings and a Man said- oh what a handsome fella! Others would say, " How cute, boy or girl? hmmmm so bright some are, huh?


Andrea said...

LOL D! Yes that is true! I get asked things about Noah too! I bet I bother people with annoying questions too and just don't realize it!

I would never get upset with you though!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Funny story!!
I can relate on a different level. My #1 question and response from people every time we go out is "Are they all yours?" and "Oh, they look so different!". I too get tired of explaining, yes, they are ALL ours, same mom, same dad, etc. etc. Oh, and this has to tie for first....."Where did she get the red hair?" Do they really care or is this something that we are inbred to say when we see someone with red hair?
I also get Diane's response of "Are you out of school today?" which usually leads to more questions about homeschooling or just a sobering silence!

Andrea said...


I am guilty of thinking that when I first met you. Your kids do look so different but I think that is really neat. They are all just so beautiful!!! :)

You and Diane have homeschooling in common. Diane is soooo sweet. She and I have never met face to face, but we have said that one day we will. She homeschools her little Noah! I am blessed to know such wonderful women! :)

Diane said...

Awww thank you for the kind words about me, Andrea.

Jennifer, nice to meet you! A friend of Andrea is a friend of mine. My new blog is @
visit anytime. :)